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This week saw the launch of the first promoted sticker campaign on Twitter. Pepsi is the inaugural customer and from Monday Pepsi stickers have been available in the app to stick on your photos when posting them to Twitter.

The stickers were launched in June and are reminiscent of Snapchat’s take on stickers. A sticker is simply layered on top of the image and the user can adjust the location and the size of the sticker.

Twitter have said that they worked with Pepsi for months in what has been their largest collaboration with the brand to date. Pepsi have created 50 stickers which appear in the library of options.

It could be another potential stream of brand revenue for Twitter to tap in to, provided of course that people actually use stickers on their photos when they are tweeting them. Twitter has declined to comment on how much the promoted stickers cost brands however they have said that the feature will be available to all brands starting on Monday.

Pepsi also have declined to say how much they paid for the promoted stickers campaign however they have said that the success will be measured based on how many people use and share the stickers on Twitter.

Twitter continues to make a big push for video and visual content. Moments was the flagship feature last year and finally Twitter has announced that it will be rolled out to all users at some point over the coming months. Moments has also been opened to brands to allow them create their own moments with their content to share.

Twitter has also been on a mission of snapping up as many streaming deals as it can from Wimbledon to the NBA and also Thursday Night Football on the NFL which will give them a big boost coming into the new season.

This week Twitter started to see the benefits of their efforts as stock prices rose to their highest point in seven months following rumours of a potential deal with Apple to stream Thursday Night Football through the Apple TV via the Twitter service.

If they pull it off it will be another big deal landed for a company which has really been struggling to find their way compared to the competition over the past year.

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