In this episode Sam Maule hosts a show about all the hopeful changes and possibilities in fintech today.
First, we talk to Charley Cooper and Richard Gendal Brown about all the incredible news of their open source blockchain- Corda and the changes in their banking consortium.
Then we switch gears and sit down with Ravi Srinivasan ( to talk about the other big news from November 8- India’s demonetization; what it really means and why fintech there is so happy about it!
And last, but hardly least, we sit down with John Hope Bryant, American Banker Innovator of the Year, and author of “How the Poor can Save Capitalism” to talk about his program “Operation Hope” and his mission to finish the work of the Freedman Bank started by Abraham Lincoln. Marc Hochstein, Editor in Chief of American Banker, joins for the whole show.
Do not miss this incredibly inspiring episode!

Blockchain will be transformative for multiple industries, not just financial services, Sam Maule top Fintech thought leader

Fintech: What’s Next. Brett King’s BreakingBanks$ : The First Global Fintech Podcast

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