The Olympic Games in Rio are ahead of us – and the security system is about to collapse

“Welcome to hell” read a banner carried by security forces greeting travelers at the Rio airport.  Another one reads “Police and firefighters don’t get paid, whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro will not be safe”.

Apple watch - CSMFor increasing the personal safety of visitors to the Olympic games, Smartwatcher Technologies AG in Switzerland has developed a unique personal safety solution that can help monitor your safety and arrange help if needed. SmartWatcher is the first personal safety app focusing on wearables.

With the push of a button on a smartwatch, your circle of helpers will be alerted and can see you on a map, and help can be summoned effectively.

Smartwatcher decided to develop its unique security system for wearables, because the wrist is really the optimal place for a security device: easy and quick to activate, much more discreet than calling for help using a mobile phone, and not easily dropped or damaged in stressful situation.

The security app “SmartWatcher” is available for free for Apple Watches and for devices based on the Android Operating System, SmartWatcher currently supports Android Wear watches such as Tag Heuer Connected, Pebble and Misfit links and flashes. SmartWatcher is the world’s first cross platform personal safety solution. This means that you can chose the smartwatch or jewelry that best fits with your style and use it with the SmartWatcher App. Even Swarovski smart-jewelry can be part of your personal safety solution.

Users of the security app can invite up to 12 persons from their personal contact list as “Watchers” – in case of emergency they will be alerted and will receive your live geo-position on a map, enabling them to help or arrange help at the right location.

As a premium service, a more advanced feature called Continuous Safety Monitoring is offered. Once activated, the App will periodically ask the user for a safety confirmations, and in case the user does not confirm his or her safety when requested, the emergency alarm will be initiated and the circle of helpers will automatically be alerted. Continuous Safety Monitoring is perfect for walking home or exercising at night, visiting unfamiliar or dangerous places, or whenever a user of feels unsafe.

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In a world with increasing health and security concerns, Smartwatcher Technologies AG provides new solutions for people to look out for each other, and to arrange help in case of an emergency, hereby making users not only in Rio, but all over the world, feel more safe, have peace of mind, and feel more confident in everyday life, as well as when traveling to new places.

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