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Browser extensions can help you improve your productivity and in general make your working life online much easier than it once was. Some of them are so good they can help you improve your social media strategies.

Here are 5 top browsers extensions worth trying if you are a social media power user or marketer.


Buffer is my favourite social sharing tool. The extension lets you share to your connected profiles from any website, blogpost or page. As well as that the extension will grab the page title and associated photos so you don’t have to go through the pain of saving a photo and uploading it to the post you are creating. It will already be there in Buffer ready for you to use.

Twitter and Facebook also have built in buttons allowing you to Buffer reshares instantly.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari


Who doesn’t love GIFs? Clearly lots of us love using them as social sites have been supporting them over the past year officially. Twitter being the most notable platform to introduce GIFs but they are not alone with Google+ and Tumblr also getting on board while Facebook allows sharing GIFs in messages.

GIFs allow you to express yourself in a way that maybe you couldn’t have done yourself. They can be the perfect reaction and the Giphy extension lets you search through the huge archive and grab a shortened URL of which ones you want to use.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari


Pocket is a must have for content curation. Sometimes you see something on your Twitter feed for example that you want to read later because you haven’t got the time to read it right then and right there. Sure you can favourite that tweet but most of us forget we have something favourited that we want to come back to later.

Pocket will save a blogpost or article with a single button and remind you to come back and read it later.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Instagram For Chrome

Sadly only available for Chrome but one of the best ways to manage your Instagram from a desktop is with Instagram for Chrome. You can browse your feed, like and comment on photos. You can also receive desktop notifications. This is the closest thing you can get to the real Instagram experience on a desktop.

Available on: Chrome


Ritetag is a fantastic hashtag tool which brings a neat colour coded hashtag guide right into the Twitter editor. This gives you instant feedback on the popularity and strength of the hashtags you are using and gives you an idea on what kind of chance you have of being seen by using that hashtag.

This extension also works within Buffer too!

Available on: Chrome, Firefox

There is a wide range of extensions that you can use to up your social media game. Play around, try a few out and see what works for you. These have been our top 5 but there are plenty more great ones out there for you to use.

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