A few weeks ago I did an article on a new Twitter client for Android called Falcon Pro. You can read the article here. It was then and still is now the best Twitter client available for Android in our opinion.

It’s not without it’s faults but the developer has been quiet active in addressing issues and has engaged with his customers on Twitter for feedback, something many developers seem to actively avoid.

Earlier today the developer took to Twitter to announce that the 100,000 token limit imposed by Twitter for third party Apps had been exceeded and new users of the App were being prevented from logging in to Twitter via the App.

Initially I thought great, the App has been a huge success for the developer, but the tone of the tweet was far from celebratory.

As it turns out things were not as they seemed. The developer revealed in a later post that the App had only been downloaded in the region of forty thousand times from the Play Store leaving a staggering sixty thousand remaining tokens being used by pirated copies of the App.

There is very little that can be done about the pirating end of things unless the developer comes up with some way of verifying paid users but the simple fact is that Twitter’s ridiculous token limit is putting the future development of this App in jeopardy.

Twitter are obviously entitled to impose whatever restrictions or limits on their service that they see fit but they are still failing to provide a good App on any of the platforms  and a situation where I am forced to use their substandard app because they have forced third party Apps out of the market would leave me questioning whether or not I wanted to use Twitter at all any longer.

While the developer works to try and come up with a solution to the issue, he has started a petition to try highlight the issue to Twitter. You can sign the petition here if you would like to support the developer in that way.


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