As most people find out, the official Twitter App for Android can be a pain at best and a nightmare at worst. Inconsistant notifications, lags and refusing to update are some of the main issues we see with it. Once the point comes where you’ve had enough of it, there are not too many good alternatives on the Play Store.

Carbon looked like it was going to be a promising attempt but it’s on again, off again development means only a select few have actually seen the App in the flesh in the last week after months of silence.

Thankfully a developer, Joaquim Vergès, who has had success with a Twitter widget designed for Android tablets decided to take the plunge and make a full Twitter client called Falcon Pro.

We have been using the App since it’s Beta days and after many updates and many new features being added, something we love to see from Dev’s, it is getting close to being the finished article. There are still some features, such as multiple account support, missing but they are promised for future releases.

The App, at least initially, is laid out in a familiar fashion. On launch you are presented with your timeline. There is a top menu bar which allows easy access to your mentions, DM’s and a new Tweet button.

What sets this App apart from it’s competition though are a few killer features. If you swipe from left to right on the screen, a new panel is revealed which shows links to your profile, your followers and who you are following, your timeline, mentions, DM’s, retweets, favorites, search and settings. The same is true if you swipe from right to left on your timeline. Another panel is presented showing your saved lists, world and local trends and there is also a feature that allows you to Star particular users giving quick access to their tweets.

Screenshot_2013-01-31-23-33-55 Screenshot_2013-01-31-23-34-07 Screenshot_2013-01-31-23-34-12

The next great feature is a built in browser. Something very simple but when executed well makes such a difference to the user experience. If you click on a Tweet that has a link attached, the link opens in the built in browser in the same window the Tweet opens in, rather than having to either launch another window to open the link or having to launch your browser. It saves clicks and it saves time especially if you are browsing through many Tweets.

Another feature recently added is integrating the YouTube API. YouTube clips can now be viewed within the App, again reducing the amount of time spent opening additional Apps to view content.

At this stage you’re seeing the trend of added features! And here’s another one. If a Tweet you see has a photo attached, instead of having to click into the Tweet to see it, you can just tap on the picture from your timeline and it pops up in a “Lightbox” like fashion over your timeline.

Screenshot_2013-02-01-00-06-21 Screenshot_2013-02-01-00-03-29



There are some minor bugs that are still being worked out, such as the timeline jumping position on you after a refresh or after coming back to it from another screen but the developer has been very active working on resolving them. There is several settings present allowing you to change the main things that matter in Twitter including frequency of updates, notifications and settings aimed at saving you data when on mobile connections. There is also an option for switching between a light and dark theme depending of your preference.

The App is available now in the Play Store for €0.79.


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