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Some time ago we ran an article talking about Enterprise social networking and if it could actually work and be efficient in the workplace. While I was not convinced by services such as Yammer I do believe that there could be a slim chance of success by the right company who approach it in the right way.

With so many of us on Facebook now, it would make sense that the one company who may have a shot at pulling off a successful enterprise social network platform would indeed be Facebook themselves. On Wednesday, Facebook unveiled a whole new portal which is called, ‘Facebook at Work.’

It works much like the regular Facebook, except the sole purpose is to use it to connect with colleagues who may or may not be friends. For the moment, Facebook is testing the product with a handful of select partners before the full launch which is tentatively scheduled for later on in the year. Facebook have been using it internally themselves for years now.

I have spent time on Yammer and personally felt as if it was a top down form of communication and another way of drip feeding information to staff from a higher level. If that is what a company is looking for then there is no problem, however social networking at heart is about connecting with others, making new connections and re-establishing old ones.

Facebook at Work sounds like it is more focused at connecting colleague to colleague as opposed to just being another method of circulating company information. Facebook at work has the same look, apps and tools as the original Facebook service.

It will exist as a separate portal on the web and separate apps on Android and iOS, a mobile web version will also be available if you are not on Android or iOS. The only true difference in appearance is that the interface is shaded white instead of Facebook’s trademark blue. The intention of this is so that your employer can know which service you are using with just a glance.

All the other features such as News Feed, Search, Groups, Messages and sharing functions will all be the same as the original service. You won’t need to have a Facebook account to join, should your company decide to sign up and use it. You can register to use the site independent of having a personal Facebook page.

The move makes sense for Facebook who are seeking new avenues to expand in to, it is clear that Facebook wants you to spend as much time as possible on their websites. The more time you spend on Facebook, the more money they make.

With so many services looking for our attention at home, Facebook is heading to the office, and with no service really taking a grip on enterprise social networks yet then there could be a good chance for them to take another large share of the market.

All you have to do now is wait and see if your company will decide to sign up and use the Facebook at Work service.

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