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Want to stay more private and anonymous on Facebook? Well now you can. In a strange move Facebook has now made themselves available on Tor. Tor is an open source project which began in 2002 and is designed to allow people to access the internet without sharing information such as their IP address or internet providers.

People can use Tor to access the internet while keeping the details of where they are and what they are accessing from completely anonymous. Tor users have been able to access Facebook before today however it would load with many various issues and errors present and sometimes did not load at all.

Now anyone using Tor can access the social network by going to, https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ (please note this link only works in a Tor browser) which will provide a secure connection to Facebook’s servers. The big benefit to this? It means that Tor users in areas such as China or Iran will be able to get onto Facebook reliably and not worry about their data being leaked.

Facebooks move to Tor comes as the company has recently implemented several other anonymous and security based features such as adding a way to login to third party mobile apps anonymously as well as reversing their decision to force users to use real names which was met with much criticism.

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