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As you may have seen, we have run a series of exclusive interviews with the up and coming stars of the tech world who will be at the Dublin Web Summit. It’s been hard to keep up with them ourselves,  here is a summary of these interviews published over the last two weeks.

In chronological order only ! Here are some really interesting people you should look out for, and remember where you read about them first…

 Anurag Chadrakhar CEO of Blrt imageBlrt1

Paul Stewart, CEO of Fetch V19A7522Home Page


Sam Shank, CEO of Hoteltonight 600 x 600 samshankoriginal


Duncan Lennox, CEO of Qstream 2905_Lennox_Web_ColorQS2


Mark Nixon, founder of Clientrol Picture credit; Damien Eagers 2/10/2014 C1

Micheal Lawler, CEO of Selera Labs 578665_446725852038364_2081274742_nWollongong

Ben Slater, Sales & Marketing Director for Seedjobs  Ben SlaterIMG_5057 (1)

Maayke Schlee, CEO of Meetberry  MaaykeWebSummitReady mb2


Fawaad Saleem, CSO of Digital Tribe DSC05335fa2

Anna Arterberry Pledge Runner  pledgerpr2


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