With the imminent launch of the BlackBerry Z10 (and later the Q10) there are some important issues to be aware of. The BB10 devices no longer require a paid connection to BIS (BlackBerry internet services). Email will still go through the BIS servers but you wont require a BlackBerry email address which would have been essential before. These email addresses would be in the form of [email protected] i.e. [email protected] Once you get the Z10 and upgrade you’ll loose access to this email address and many BlackBerry users would have used this email address. BlackBerry have offered a solution in that they will allow you to forward your email ¬†from your old BlackBerry email address to some other address you use. It’s very simple and full details are here:

BlackBerry Email Forwarding

Remember if you use your @blackberry email address as your BlackBerry ID you’ll need to change it to another address you have (instructions are also in the link above).

Also worth noting is that I think you could use this forwarding system if you move away from BlackBerry to another platform. This one year of forwarding should give customers ample time to notify their contacts of a change to their email address. Something other companies should have used before they shut down email!

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