By Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU

Royal Burger’ zoo, Netherlands, has designed its own 360-degree photo safari video game “Burgers’ Zoo Snapshot” to increase content awareness among youth.

Players are tasked with taking the best animal photos at the zoo in Arnhem for a photo exhibition. You will step into a 360-degree digital environment as a photographer in search of extraordinary moments to photograph.

 Using the educational and playful medium, children can become better acquainted with the animal kingdom and try out Burgers’ Zoo from home or even from the back seat of the car.

When visitors used to walk in the zoo with a passive role, they will now be able to live a unique experience.Visitors can imagine actually swimming among the fish at the bottom of the sea in the Indo-Pacific region, or trekking through the humid jungles of Africa and Indonesia.

“Direct contact with nature is becoming increasingly rare. As a park, we play an increasingly important role in connecting people with nature. We strongly believe that, by accurately simulating ecosystems, we can enable visitors to experience animals and nature in an extremely impressive way, while educating them at the same time. Education is one of our cornerstones,” says Tim Lammers, marketing manager at Burgers’ Zoo. “At the same time, we notice every day that the park scores high in terms of brand awareness, but that our distinctive capabilities (content awareness) still have room for improvement. Content creation plays a large role in this. Burgers’ Zoo makes frequent use of photo and video material in its channels of communication, and the importance of video is growing.”

The photo safari will be taking place in different levels of the zoo’s eco-display: The tropical rainforest in the Bush, the rocky desert in the Desert, the East-African savannah in the Safari, or the tropical coral reef in the Ocean. Different tasks will given to players like finding the black tip shark in the Ocean, seeking out the gorilla in the Park, or looking for the aardvark in the Bush.

Take a look at what a panther looks like from very close!

Put it to the test!
Does all this sound interesting? Test the 360-degree photo safari video game yourself:
Download for iPhone / iPad:
Download for Android:

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