Social Media Trainer Greg Fry will host a practical step-by-step guide for businesses on how to build effective social media strategy from engagement to measuring ROI in Dublin this August 13.

Greg has worked with many large companies including Microsoft, Fáilte Ireland and UPC while he also lectures for institutions such as the Digital Marketing Institute and the Digital Skills Academy.

“Now more than ever it is vital to have a strategy when using social media. We have all heard the phrase ‘time is money’ and this is particularly true when it comes to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. You, as a business professional, can spend your day updating social media, sharing and liking, but are you giving your audience what they want? Is your business benefitting from this exercise? I will share with attendees how to plan your strategy so that you have targets to hit which will help your business to grow its online audience and in turn, the business itself,” Greg said.

The event, run by Mespil Academy, will take place from 8.30am-1.30pm at Chartered Institute of Accountants, Dublin 2. The idea for the event was borne out of results of a survey carried out at a recent digital media event, the Swipe Summit. Mespil Academy asked attendees what their digital focus was for 2015 and beyond and strategy came out on top.

The event will also feature a round table discussion featuring top social media professionals such as Reuben May, founder of Digital Marketing Agency, Dublin and former Ryanair Head of Digital Marketing, Beatrice Whelan, Sage’s Digital Content Manager and Peter Bodkin, Business Editor, The panellists will discuss the factors required to develop a Social Media Strategy and the impact of having one that works, with case study examples.

To book tickets for the event, go to:

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