DX Racer : The Chair Which Will Save Your Back!
Comfortable chair with great soft materialPromotes better sitting postureWide range of chair models for different body typesFantastic design, will look the part in any setup
Lumbar cushion caused more problems than solutionsA high price point may just be a step too high for potential buyers
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The sheer nature of being a digital marketer means long hours at a computer screen. That is part of the game, and increasingly there are people who are spending long periods in front of a screen from gamers to developers and bloggers, so it is important to have your butt sitting on a chair which is going to make your life so much easier. 

The DX Racer series of chairs is a high end line of premium chairs so while the prices seem high compared to your €50 Argos chair, it is worth every single penny. You can find DX Racer at the links below:

Official Website – http://www.dxracer.com/global/en-us/

EU Website – http://www.dxracer-europe.com

Recently I have come to the realisation that these cheap chairs I have used all my life and the back aches I have put up with as a result of those chairs won’t cut it anymore. I knew that I had to get a chair which was going to be comfortable, solid and something I could happily sit in for a full day of work.

The problem I was encountering with my €50 chair was that the back pains and leg pains I had from sitting in it due to poor posture was preventing me from working. I wasn’t able to work a full day in one of those chairs and that is a big problem.

Being the big fella that I am, I opted for the King Series chair which is a chair for people who are either a) tall, b) big or c) just like a big ass chair. Sticking old and new side by side and you can see the difference in quality.


This particular chair comes in a range of different colours (as do most of the chairs in the DX Racer Series). It is a racing seat design as you can see and without doubt it is the best chair I have ever bought.

The leather is soft and firm in exactly the right places which gives you the perfect back support while making the chair comfortable at the same time. The leather cushion on the seat is so soft and a dream to sit on for long periods of time while the back of the chair maintains that soft feel with the King Series giving you a generous amount of space to sit in.


The chair also come with a head rest pillow and a lumbar support pillow (lumbar cushion not pictured here but is basically a small pillow that sits on the chair at the small of your back). Now the head rest pillow has been fantastic, especially when I am relaxing and watching a movie or YouTube and I just want to lean right back and chill out. However the lumbar pillow actually caused me more problems than help. It dug into my back and made the seat feel uncomfortable no matter where I adjusted the position of it.

Getting out of the chair after using the lumbar pillow, my back was really sore. It really is a case that some people may enjoy the pillows and others may not, basically they won’t be suitable for everyone. DX Racer evidently acknowledge this fact and you don’t have to use either pillow if you don’t want to. As you can see from my chair, I have elected not to use the lumbar support cushion.

IMG_3516 IMG_3517

The DX Racer chairs are well worth the investment, after a full day of work yesterday I got up out of the chair and there was no pain in my back at all. The chair promotes good posture but you of course have the usual methods of tilting the back, enabling a rocking movement and more.

The arm rests are the only thing I found a bit confusing really, they are solid however they look cheap on a chair which otherwise looks premium all over.


As well as that, don’t be fooled into thinking that because you are spending near to €400 on a chair that it is going to be much easier to put together, it is as much a pain in the ass as any other chair I have had to assemble in the past. Some people may be thrown at the start when they realise there are no screws or bolts supplied in a package in the box. They are all in fact screwed into the chair so you just need to take them out when assembling. I will admit I was rooting around the box for a few seconds thinking I had been sent a chair with no bolts.

When you are taking the bolts off the chair make sure you grab the washer, if you don’t it just falls into the inner lining of the chair and you won’t get them back.

If you are in the market for a premium chair and you are willing to spend the money for one, this is easily THE chair to get. A fantastic product, well worth it and I am happy that I finally made the move to investing in one. DX Racer has got a lot of different models of chairs so it may be a bit daunting looking at them all trying to work out what is best. However the staff are really helpful, you can tweet them or email them with measurements and they will recommend a model for you.

Trust me, your back will thank you.



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