The Eternal Trusts hackathon contest, Blockchain Global Online will be finished on 23 of June 2018! The conditions remain the same:

Topic: autonomous smart platforms on Ethereum, NEO, and Hyperledger

Teams of no less than 5 are invited to participate in the contest. Teams can apply to solve one of the challenges below:

* Create a set of dApps with a user interface for a Smart Contract Trust. It should contain the following functionality: a client-side-by-side installation of a Hyperledger-based blockchain. A record of this data transfer should be written into the public NEO blockchain. A NEO smart contract should initiate a procedure of Oracle selection, which opens access to the client’s data in the private blockchain and notifies the client of this fact.

* Create a voting dApp based on NEO smart contracts and tokens. It should provide 2 kinds of voting mechanisms?—?voting for the best solutions of purposes by assigning a ranking number on the scale of 0 to 5; and “binary” voting.

* Integrate AI as a semantic filter between the data sent in and out of HyperLedger to NEO. The filter should be distinguishable from structured, unique offers from machine-generated texts to defend against DDoS attacks.

Award pool for the 1st place:

5 000–50 / 50 in ETH and Eternal Trusts tokens
2–3 place: 2500 in Eternal Trusts tokens

23 of June all participants will be able to go on stage with presentations on a big event organized by our company.
It is there the winners of the hackathon will be selected and awarded.

Please register here:  


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