Are you finding the upcoming local and European elections a bit overwhelming? Who will you vote for, what does each candidate stand for etc? Apart from the blitz of posters on every available roadside situation and getting your letterbox stuffed with literature addressed to “The Household”, what do we actually know about each candidate? Helpfully, have come up with a very handy microsite to gather all this information in one place! Available on desktop here you can see a breakdown of candidate profiles with the latest election news stories.

Also on their Android and iOS apps, the Journal team have added an “Election 2014” button at the bottom of home screen.


Tap the “European” tab and you are shown a “Meet The Candidates” section where you can select your electoral region and view details,interviews etc from each candidate. Below this section is the latest news pertaining to the European elections. Tap the “Local” tab however,you are sadly only shown the latest local election news, no detailed information on the candidates!


Maybe there are just too many candidates to go into detail about? Despite this, I still think its worth having a look at the information made available and hopefully help you choose our representatives carefully.

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