Guest post by CryptoProfile team. CryptoProfile has launched a Bounty Program, with a pool of CryptoProfile [CP] tokens worth $1,000,000 reserved for bounty hunters.

There are a variety of platforms through which CryptoProfile is offering tokens to bounty hunters.

The bounty program will reward you for your efforts.  The better the quality of content the more rewards there will be those type of articles and pieces.

CryptoProfile are looking for the following types of content creators:


The requirements for designers is to deliver designs of professional quality, with an editable file along with the complete design.

Take a look at how you will be rewarded for your work based on quality:

? Excellent and detailed quality of work: 2500 CP (USD250)

? Good quality of work: 1000 CP (USD100)

? Normal quality of work: 500 CP (USD50)

Reddit Users

If you are a regular Reddit user and currently have 50 Karma or more, CryptoProfile bounty program will reward Reddit users with 30 CP tokens (US$3) for each post they make related to CryptoProfile.

To be eligible for the rewards, you need to adhere to some important criteria such as following CryptoProfile’s Subreddit, upvoting all previous posts and thread and adding a valuable and informative comment to their existing threads. Once done, you can go on to write informative pieces and then post them on relevant subreddits to see the credit flow into your wallet.

Writers on Medium

This one is a great opportunity for all the writers on Medium to earn CP tokens. If you have 50 or more followers on Medium, the CryptoProfile bounty program can get no better and profitable.

We are looking for insightful articles, minimum 400 words — related to CryptoProfile and its ICO and get your readers to read and applaud for it. The criteria for rewarding the writers is based on the number of claps their articles are able to secure until the end of the program.

The more claps you get on your article, the better and bigger your reward will be:

? 100–200 Claps: 50 CP (USD5)

? 201–500 Claps: 100 CP (USD10)

? 501–1000 Claps: 500 CP (USD50)

? 1001–5000 Claps: 1000 CP (USD100)

? >5001 Claps: 2500 CP (USD250)

Crypto and blockchain YouTubers

If you have a YouTube channel in the blockchain and cryptocurrency niche with more than 300 followers, it’s time to register for the bounty program of CryptoProfile and earn CP tokens from making videos about them and their ICO.

Rewards range from $20 (200 CP) to $300 (3000 CP) for one video. A video with 400+ views is eligible for $20 (200 CP). More than 1.5k views is eligible for a $75 (750 CP) reward. Higher quality and reach will be rewarded with $150 (1500 CP) to $300 (3000 CP).

Crypto and blockchain Bloggers

Do you have a cryptocurrency blog, with an audience interested in blockchain? You can prepare and post anything such as blog articles, news reports, forum posts, platform/product/company/token/technology reviews related to CryptoProfile and its ICO.

Bloggers with minimal reach and slightly low-quality content would be eligible for a $10 (10 CP) reward while those with prodigious reach and quality will be rewarded CP tokens worth $100 (1000 CP) to $250 (2500 CP).


This is the highest paying activity that you can participate in during the bounty program of CryptoProfile. Once you have demonstrated your ability in rendering translation services you’ll be requested to translate official documents of CryptoProfile.

Novel Economic Model: CryptoProfile is one of the first platforms that focus on creating a consolidated airdrop platform for ICO projects. The platform naturally aligns the long-term interests of stakeholders, with listed ICO projects getting the marketing exposure from the extensive network of investors who hold CryptoProfile’s native tokens (called CP). CP holders are financially incentivized to also increase the marketing exposure of ICO projects within the ecosystem through the consolidated airdrop mechanism.

CryptoProfile’s ICO Ratings on ICOmarks 8.3 :

CryptoProfile’s ICO Ratings on ICOholder 4.03 :

CryptoProfile’s ICO Ratings on Cryptototem 8.8 :

CryptoProfile’s ICO Ratings on TrackICO 4.8 :

CryptoProfile listed in Coingecko :

Cryptoprofile ICO website

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If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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