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There are lots of productivity apps on the market and I have personally used or tried to use most of the main players but find myself leaving them eventually or downloading them to simply delete later without ever really using it. The problem is that a lot of productivity apps suck, they overwhelm the user with a never ending list of things to get done. 

IMG_1094Doo is a beautiful new app on iOS which wants you to get things done one step at a time. Doo uses cards to let you add tasks to your list as well as setting a time, date and optional alert function. Each event is given a neat looking illustration to match what you have setup such as coffee break, parties or a meeting.

When you open the app Doo will surface one item at a time so you can work your way through them, mark them as completed or snooze until later. Snoozed items can be accessed later on through the sidebar menu or get rotated back to the top of the list to appear again next time you open up the app.

The idea is that there is no big long cumbersome list to look at. When your ‘to-do’ list gets longer and longer it can be disheartening to look at. Instead, Doo wants to break it down into actionable steps. Doo creator Michael Ciarlo says that:

“Future updates will bring more goodies, [including] recurring reminders without alerts, distinguishing between a due date and an alert date, and adding the concept of priority.

“Priority is an interesting challenge. What we’re really trying to do is reduce the need to snooze tasks that you want to skip. While we could just add another button and call it a day, that’s not how we want to approach new features. Instead we’re investigating solutions that preserve the simplicity that makes Doo special.”

If you manage to get through all your tasks then you are rewarded with a happy illustration of sunshine. The app is available on iOS for €4.99 and is a fantastic app and approach to productivity. One which I definitely want to keep around on my iPhone.

You can download Doo for iOS at the following link – Doo [iOS]

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