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Ordering a pizza will become as easy as sending a tweet if you live in the U.S. Starting May 20th, Dominos will be the first major player in the restaurant industry to use Twitter to take and process orders.

Customers will be able to place an order by simply tweeting only the pizza emoji to @Dominos. CEO Patrick Doyle says that, “It’s the epitome of convenience, we’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.” The move will no doubt attract busy younger customers using the Twitter service and with 50% of Domino’s sales taking place online it is a no brainer.

Domino’s will also enjoy a burst of publicity with social media and news outlets no doubt buzzing with the news of a new ordering system via Twitter. For Twitter, it is a big bonus for them as they try to appeal to larger audiences. While Twitter has been testing a “Buy Now” button with several suppliers, they will be delighted to see big brands innovating and coming up with fresh ideas on their own.

“Our hope is that advertisers will keep innovating this way,” says Twiter spokeswoman Genevieve Wong. “Twitter is the best platform to be creative like this.”

It is not the first time a big brand has done something of this nature, Starbucks trialled a “tweet coffee to a friend” programme where you could arrange a coffee be sent to a friend, however Domino’s says that this will be a permanent option for ordering pizza.

Domino’s has always embraced technology as they look for the easiest way possible to order pizza. Currently, U.S. customers can order from Samsung smart TVs, Pebble and Android Wear watches. Doyle says that Domino’s will continue to look at other social media platforms people are using. He says, “This certainly will not be our last platform.”

I just wait and hope that at some point they will bring ordering systems like this across the pond to us.

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