This is one of those unexpected encounters when you think you see them all until one of the exhibitors pulls the curtains and surprises you with something amazing! We met at #ARVRinnovate and yet they were neither #AR or #VR tech company. I’ll let you hear all about it from the CEO himself, Conor Lynch.

Of course first thing first. What is Open Innovation Studio all about?

Connector is an open innovation studio based in Temple Bar. While we launched as an exciting creative digital marketing agency, we have recently evolved to offer something unique in the Irish market. We’re all about innovation and we now create digital products for clients. The best example of this was our collaboration with Huawei for the multi-award winning Huawei Snapys which are the Irish Instagram awards.

We operate an open model for learning with a studio used for training workshops and events. Our innovation partners are global so we truly are open and we help organisations become more open and innovative too.

How many years has it been going?

Connector started off as a hobby running digital meetups in 2008 and became a business in 2010.

We launched with a focus on education and evolved into creating better customer experiences both online and offline. One of our most popular brands is and we trained over 5,000 Irish professionals.

What was the inspiration behind the business?

With the rise of the connected consumer, I realised that brands needed to quickly change their approach to how they market and communicate with their audience using social media.

Our original approach is to ‘connect, create and collaborate’ and we focused on three way communication between brands, consumers and communities.

This approach hasn’t changed and has been the foundation for growth and success to date.

What exciting tech do you get to play with?

Our office has some hardware like a small robot, a pair of Google Glasses, Snapchat
Spectacles but most of our innovation is software and our team include a bot called Ava!

From our last chat you seem to have an awesome business model! What’s your value proposition?

The foundation of our business is to have global clients who we help with specialist marketing services.

We leverage a fearless approach to creativity, a culture of learning and a fast moving tech startup environment to design strategy, prototype digital products, engage influencers and produce ‘real world’ experiences. Some of these ideas build brand, grow market share and increase revenue for our clients while others become business drivers within our own eco-system.

You usually get the users and the customers, who would they both be for your business?

The end users or audience for our campaigns depends on our clients but we are well connected with many communities. We work with marketing teams, business managers, entrepreneurs and lately more HR teams.

Any exciting announcements for 2017?

We’ve just launched a really exciting photography competition with Volkswagen in association with our technology platform The Snapys. In terms of AR/VR, we just released our AR/VR canvas which is a framework for creatives and marketers to explore the universe of AR/VR possibilities for business.

Would also love to know more about your team, what can you tell us about them?

Currently we have nine on our core team who run our strategy and studio offerings based in Temple Bar in Dublin. We also have a global network of specialist partners and our well renowned community of influencers. Most of the time we have at least 20 people active on projects. We are geared towards managing a flexible team and scaling up teams at busy periods.

We got to meet at ARVR Innovate, how was your experience at it?

We enjoyed the show and are fascinated by AR/VR as it is very exciting new technology with lots of opportunities for businesses. It was great to see what other businesses are up to and see how we can collaborate.

What value did you get out of it?

As a partner of the show we have been involved for 4 years since we designed the branding for the creator Alex Gibson. We made some great new connections and we will be following up this week!

Any other information you’d like to add for the readers?

Stay in the loop with all our exciting projects and access our free frameworks and infographics at

Win some great prizes with your best Instagram photos via

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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