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Business development

We have signed a contract with one of the biggest West European petrochemical plants, “TAIF” and they will adopt a DENET tailor-made distributed system solution in one of the plants “Polymatiz”. It is a great achievement and we’ll do our best to show case uses of DENET technology for corporate customers.

We gathered a separate tech team for this project which will use DENET.CORE as a base architecture for the distributed system we deploy.

We are signing a partnership with cybersecurity company Naoris, which will conduct audits of the DeNet platform for security resistance. Noaris is a company which places in the TOP10 Europe cybersecurity experts.

Our test net was launched in November 2017 and as of today we have hosted hundreds of web sites (landing and CDN).

It is high time to test, externally, our data storage & backup service

There are 43 000 +members in DeNet telegram chat 

Facebook: 9 100

Twitter 3 700 readers . Members keep subscribing to project.

Publication of a press release about DeNet & Daplie partnership was done. Daplie  is a producer of personal servers. This partnership allows us to have access the pool of trusted nodes.

We made a podcast with Co-founder DeNet Paul Litviakov and Daplie`s president Brian Bourgerie and CEO Bryson Hill. Wiscussed our prospects for cooperation and arranged a round of negotiations with our technical experts.

We plan to keep working with funds and private pools.

Three-day pre-sale:

We had a successful trial three-day pre-sale and have raised 389 998$. It is worth mentioning that the sum was gained via mailing to existing contacts only, without using proactive marketing and wide-reaching ad.

Conversion of White-list members was not the only aim of short pre-sale. During this phase we have tested functioning of investor accounts and our online payment solution. Also tested our communication with members.

Test airdrop for ETH-wallets was launched to find out it’s usability and conversion.

Information about DeNet pre-sales and token sales placed on following sites:


Brand recognition and rating keep increasing.

Product Development:

  • Made updates in storage application 
  • Now you can sign up without using Metamask.
  • Reviewed bugs in web hosting application 
  • Revised website structure to prepare it for 3-day token sale. .
  • Increased usability and visual component of official DeNet website. Made navigation simpler and more comfortable. It helped to increase the conversion.
  • Made a support service on Token sale page to provide troubleshooting. Pre-sale showed that this option was useful.
  • Posted a summary of DeNet economic model.
  • Posted competitors overview
  • Updated White paper.
  • Made a technical white paper draft about DeNet Storage & Backup service. This document is the first in new technical documentary package about our tech roadmap.
  • Will shoot a video about storage service soon.
  • Application for miners is almost ready and will be released soon. This tool will make DeNet platform ready to work both on customers and node/servers side.

Plans for the next period:

To conduct analysis on 3-day presale and identify our strengths and weaknesses.

Finalize contract with Marketing outsource company with best token sale traction.

Preparation for fundraising is not our core activity. All forces and core focus of the team is directed to product development. Our initial goal was to develop easy to use instrument, which solves majority of problems of the current market and our competitors. We work with front-end and back-end architecture and soon we will show how convenient and intuitive users application is.

Keep you posted and welcome to

Try our service for save/reliable and free data storage

Please highlight your questions to telegram group 

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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