Two innovative tech companies—DeNet and Daplie—have teamed up to bring the benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology into the home. The result will give individual consumers much greater control over their digital lives and offer new ways to generate passive income.

Both companies share a common vision that decentralized technologies like the blockchain are the solution to greater individual privacy, security, and control. Daplie accomplishes this through the first decentralized home server platform (Connect™), while DeNet features an exclusive decentralized web hosting service and ability to lease extra computing power. Together these platforms create a new experience that bridges the privacy and ownership benefits of physical hardware with the security and decentralized aspects of the blockchain.

“We are obsessed with the idea of giving you control over your digital life, so we are searching for solutions which can provide users full ownership of their data,” says DeNet CEO Rafik Singatullin. “This partnership is the most natural possible fit—both Daplie and DeNet are built around privacy, security, and protection of user’s data, so our common goals offer an incredible synergy.”

Daplie Connect is a Web 3.0 platform that serves as a decentralized hub for the home. It connects people to their devices and personal data without relying on centralized data centers or charging monthly cloud storage fees. Connect’s built-in hot and cold storage wallets and massive storage space (up to 20 TB) allow users to have greater control of the services they use and devices they own, instead of entrusting private data to third party servers. Daplie offers robust, private storage and sharing features for users of any technical proficiency. It also utilizes a token—DapCoin—to securely transact with the blockchain. This includes updating the hardware without any backdoor access (including from Daplie), and downloading decentralized applications (Dapps) from the DapStore—a blockchain-integrated marketplace for Dapps (like DeNet) and traditional applications. A presale for DapCoin will launch in June, 2018, and the Connect hardware will feature prominently as part of the value-add.

DeNet offers completely decentralized hosting, where users (network nodes) rent excess computing and/or storage capacities to others (clients) and earn income based on their usage. Clients can host data, websites, applications, and solve other computer tasks that require cloud space and processing power, while payment to nodes is facilitated through the DNET token. Decentralized hosting is cheap, reliable, and incorporates the inherent trust and transparency found in the blockchain. The partnership will allow any Connect device to become a node of the DeNet network, offering the benefits of decentralized technology to an even wider audience.

“We’re always excited when we find other people who really get what we’re trying to accomplish,” says Bryson Hill, CEO of Daplie. “The DeNet team shares our vision of getting Web 3.0 into the home, and is equally committed to making tools that empower people to take back their digital identities. It’s a great fit for both teams and their customers.”

About DeNet

DeNet is an international provider company that is developing a blockchain based platform, which unites computers and servers all over the world into a network to provide decentralized web hosting services, as well as safe and secure data storage and data processing. The company aims to create decentralized hosting and routing plans, DNS and other network elements from a centralized ownership, ensuring autonomy of the network. DeNet was one of the first to test its minimum viable product (alpha-version on public test since November 2017). Please visit for more information.

About Daplie

Daplie creates hardware that empowers individuals to take control of their digital lives. The plug-and-play decentralized home server—Connect™—sits at the center of a Web 3.0 ecosystem that includes a blockchain-integrated marketplace (DapStore) and an ERC20 token (DapCoin), that together create a truly secure, private, and decentralized environment. Connect features fee-free storage and sharing, built-in hot and cold storage wallets for cryptocurrencies, and secure data access from anywhere and from any connected device. Visit to learn more.


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