Dell Ireland today announced that it will continue as the lead partner with the Irish Cancer Society on its flagship Daffodil Day fundraiser in 2016, which will take place on March 11th. The partnership, which began in 2011, sees Dell’s team of 2,300 people in Ireland all get involved in the campaign in some capacity – from skills sharing through to on-street collecting.

In 2015, the Irish Cancer Society and Dell worked closely together to deliver a Daffodil Day campaign which to date has raised €3.2m and is on track to reach its target by the end of the year when all funds raised around the country are banked.

Dell team members contributed their expertise updating the Daffodil Day app, which facilitates people in donating on the go and in tracking down the Daffodil Day merchandise seller nearest them. 

Denis Lucey, Vice President, Dell Support & Deployment Services, said: “We are delighted to announce the extension of our successful partnership with the Irish Cancer Society for one more year into 2016. This is a cause that the team has truly rallied behind, deploying our skills and creativity to optimum effect. Dell Powering the Possible is Dell’s commitment to put technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet. It’s a commitment the team in Ireland has fully adopted, volunteering more than 27,000 hours for good causes in 2014.

“This year for Daffodil Day, Dell’s three Irish sites turned yellow for the Irish Cancer Society. We organised fundraisers ranging from an abseil in Limerick city to giant board games in Dublin to a table quiz in Cork. With our 2,300 people bringing a wide range of talents to bear, we were able to boost the campaign’s reach on social media and made sure a younger audience was targeted through the Daffodil Day app. For 2016, which will be Dell’s final campaign as lead partner, we are redoubling our efforts and look forward to driving even greater results for the Irish Cancer Society, which puts the funds it raises to use in countless ways that benefit those suffering with cancer and their families.”

Key achievements of the partnership between Dell and the Irish Cancer Society on Daffodil Day since it began in 2011 include:

·         110+ fundraisers arranged by Dell team members

·         More than 15,000 hours volunteered by the Dell team

·         €308,902 raised through employee fundraising

·         Dell’s team created and updated the Daffodil Day app working in concert with the Irish Cancer Society, utilising its technological expertise for a great cause

·         Dell and the Irish Cancer Society developed a social media strategy for the campaign, boosting reach with competitions for Dell products

John McCormack, CEO of the Irish Cancer Society, said:

“We are delighted that Dell is on board again as lead partner with the Irish Cancer Society on Daffodil Day for a final time in 2016. Having worked together on the campaign since 2011, the partnership has developed into a really impressive collaboration. For months in advance of the campaign, representatives of the Society work with Dell team members, with specialised groups focusing on fundraising, logistics, app development, marketing, communications and social media. It is this level of commitment that has facilitated the campaign in tapping into the immense generosity of the Irish people. With €3.2m raised so far from the Daffodil Day campaign in 2015, we are on track to reach our target by year end. We are grateful for Dell’s support and look forward to continuing this successful partnership through Daffodil Day 2016 and beyond.”

More information about Daffodil Day is available at

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