At last week’s DataSolutions third annual Secure Computing forum, new cyber careers were revealed. These new jobs are needed as we start to rely more on the internet and cyberspace, there is a growing need to make working online a lot safer. Some of the jobs mentioned are ones that already exist and updated for the online era, whilst the others are news ones that are specific to the new online era and you could even work from home. The jobs are listed below and a couple of them will be ones that you never thought existed.

Virtual Lawyer
As International law grows to supersede National laws, lawyers will be needed to handle cases involving several Nations with different laws. This is an area of law that will see a huge growth as we deal more with online date and data centres, Data centres can be based anywhere in the world and may be ruled by the jurisdiction where they are based. If you are storing clients data abroad will the jurisdiction that they are stored in have any legal right to access them. A virtual lawyer will help allay you and your clients fears regarding how secure your and their data is.

Data Morticians
Waste data managers will be hired to destroy data for security purposes including death. This is an area that will see a huge growth over the next few years and one of the reasons will be people who have died will not want to leave their digital footprint behind. Also you will have companies who have moved all their data and documentation from paper and file storage to online or local cloud storage. When companies want to destroy data that is no longer required they will let the Data Mortician do this.

Cleaners/Data Concierge
As we start to rely more on technology we also need to de-clutter our electronic life and have somebody clean/organise our email, desktops, and user accounts. Why have 3 or 4 email addresses, when only one is needed, and why have our computers cluttered with software that we hardly use. Any software that we hardly use will take up valuable storage space and possibly slow down any computers that they are stored on.

Data Mechanic
Unstructured information or data that is a by-product of your online activities of Internet usage is known as your digital exhaust Data Mechanics will manage your digital exhaust and hide your online activities within plain sight.

Digital Assassins
When, you want to check how if your company network is safe and to also see that third parties can’t access your sensitive data, you hire a Digital Assassin/Hacker. They will also let you know if your employees are using the right passwords, give you a full network analysis, a Wi-Fi vulnerabilities scan and an End user security check.

Cyber Posse’s
Back, in the days of the Wild West Posse’s were used to bring in criminals dead or alive for a fixed bounty. Posse’s are now coming back in favour but they are now Cyber Posse’s and are used by the Department of Justice in America to either find criminals or to gather evidence against criminals.

So as we enter a new era, why not take advantage of it and the new jobs opportunities that come with it.
Any of the jobs mentioned above might be of interest to you and if they are why not do some research into them and also courses and qualifications that could help gain you the knowledge and skill required to do the jobs.

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