What a week. First of all, my partner is crime was not available on Sunday so it was just me. Then I had such a busy week I don’t think I stopped at all and I had no idea of what was happening in the crypto world – except for my immediate client work. You can tell that the summer is almost over cos suddenly everyone needs everything done yesterday. Phew!

And I am very excited to be speaking at this event Liberty Festival in Croatia http://liberation.today/ later on in the week.

Liberty Festival – Osijek – Teslacoin bringing Communities together through blockchain, music and sport.

I want to thank Deane Thomas for the invitation to speak (and for putting me up) and also a big shoutout to Shane Kehoe, managing director for SVK Crypto for sponsoring my fights from Dublin.

In the video I give a big shout out to Shane but inadvertently get the name wrong. I twig before the end and get it right. So I thought about redoing the video and then I did some research. Making mistakes is not only a big learning curve for the person who makes the mistake (never gona get that name wrong again) but also fastens the mistake – and the resultant correction – in people’s minds. You only have to think how a blooper video is not only great fun but also very memorable, often more so than the original.

So sorry Shane for calling your company CDK or similar. But rest assured leaving in the mistake will enable others to remember your company name so much better.

And yes, for those of you that actually watch the video – I will be dancing like Phoebe. Come say hello.


Research on mistakes



Read about the Liberty Festival here


True Tesla Technologies puts the finishing touches to this year’s Liberty Festival, to be held in Osijek on 23 to 26 August 2018.  This is the world’s first Blockchain inspired arts, culture and music event.

This year’s venue is the Osijek Indoor Shooting range, at Pampas, which is home to many live music and sports events.  Osijek has always had a great reputation as a destination, but sadly very few venture this far east of Croatia.  The region offers an incredible array of things to do, and places to visit, some that have been around for centuries.

Baranja has long been a centre of cultural change and transformation, which is well documented in historical documents.  In fact, many cultures have left their footprints and trademarks firmly in the region, which makes Baranja very unique for a lot of reasons.  The organisers of Liberty Festival wish to bring these cultural values to the foreground, and introduce the latest ideas for sustainable living.

Liberty Cycling Race together with the Empower yourself Conference is a unique blend of fun, culture, education and sports events. The central theme of this year’s event is the integration of Blockchain technology in all spheres of life so that through the benefit of such a transparent model, we can improve the economic and sustainable situation in our sacred world.

Four days of self-empowerment presentations from speakers across the world, who will show their experiences with the Blockchain.  In addition, tens of musicians will come together, and demonstrate how they make a living using the Blockchain, by following their passions.  Each evening will culminate with a series of different musicians and genres of music, playing until the late hours.

Ibiza based DJ Sonic Species will make a special guest appearance during the festival, he said “I am immensely excited to be a part of the world’s first Blockchain inspired arts, culture and music event. Bringing public awareness to the benefits of decentralized systems such as Blockchain is essential if we are to grow together organically as 1 planet in a positive direction and I am honored to play my part.”

During the festival, will also be Liberty Cycling Race, which is sponsored by Teslacoin, who will award prizes to three groups of riders and field their own team.  This year the race is held in Croatia and Serbia, with the finish line of the Croatian leg being in Batina.  An afternoon of celebration is planned at Batina Memorial gardens, where the sounds of Ibiza will grace the evening until midnight.  Sunday will see the cyclists move to Bezdan, Serbia, for the start of the race which will begin at the Museum of Battle of Batina.

Liberty Festival will finish on Sunday 26th August with an open air beach party, with a whole host of DJ’s from across the world.  Entry to the Sunday event at Copacabana is free to all, music will be playing from 1500 until Midnight.  Details of the events can be found at the official website http://www.liberation.today


Issued by: True Tesla Technologies, Osijek, Croatia

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