Cubic Telecom a global connectivity solution provider, today announced that its embedded SIM (eSim) technology and global platform will supply the technology behind the Audi connect® services in new Audi models released this week in 13 European countries. The Audi models include the Audi A3, the A4, the new A5, the Audi Q2 and the Q7 sold throughout Europe. Cubic Telecom will also enable these services in additional Audi models as they are released.

Cubic Telecom provides an international LTE-based platform and partners with the best tier-one mobile network operators. The Cubic platform ensures reliable, high-quality local connectivity at competitive prices for Cubic-powered Audi vehicles along with seamless switching from one mobile network to another as the new cars cross national borders. As a result, Audi owners will enjoy high-quality, always-on infotainment connectivity along with access to competitive bundled connectivity plans that include telematics, WiFi hotspot services, personal apps, and much more.2017-audi-q7The new Audi Q7 is one of  the cars using Cubic Telecom’s embedded SIM (eSim) technology and global platform

“Audi chose Cubic to deliver an end-to-end in-car connectivity solution, fully integrated with the vehicle dashboard and the Audi manufacturing process”The new

said Cubic Telecom CEO Barry Napier. “The Cubic global platform with Over-The-Air (OTA) provisioning enables Audi to sell a standardised connectivity solution globally. Real-time network and software updating are key to meeting Audi’s requirements for a truly premium and continuously improving in-car connectivity experience.”

“In everything we do at Audi, we strive to deliver an experience that is intelligent, intuitive and elegant. Our new European models extend that experience to include a premium in-car connectivity solution which powers features like navigation, route guidance, information services, WiFi hotspot service and more,” said Marcus Keith, Director Development Audi connect, HMI, Instrument Cluster, Displays and Controls at Audi. “We value Cubic’s advanced networking and software technologies to enable these services for Audi owners and enhance the ultimate driving experience our customers have come to expect.”

Audi Electronics Venture GmbH (AEV), a subsidiary of AUDI AG focused on investing in innovative technologies, became a strategic investor in Cubic Telecom in May 2015, joining an impressive roster of investors that include Qualcomm Inc., a world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies.

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