CryptoCapitalNews’ Victor Gryschak speaks to ITN

What is your background briefly?

A modern journalist who wished to become successful and famous who felt he must offer the public such information that it amazes readers and viewers with its novelty and freshness. It seems to me that one must be not only a professional in his field but one who can quickly collect the material necessary for work and qualitatively present it in an accessible form.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Yes, this is a completely logical transformation.

Working in different genres, ranging from extreme sports to the world news resource. When in 2016 I got acquainted with the topic of crypto currencies,  I decided to write about it. The hobby became so vedic that it turned into my own project in which I worked and planned to work in that field in the future.

Why did you get involved with cryptocurrencies?

My familiarising with crypto currencies was quite spontaneous. This happened several years ago, at a meeting with experienced IT specialists who enthusiastically talked about coins and a blockchain. I came home turned on the computer and plunged into some deep reading, which predetermined my future direction as the author and later as the creator of the site.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

This is a really good question. The theory of the blockchain is much wider than we see it today in practice. All that has a sequential record in its form can be attributed to the blockchain.

Time, calendar, this is a good example of how the universe writes in his memory of our days and perhaps unraveling this code, people will be able to navigate in time.

As for cryptocurrencies, they will undoubtedly change the financial shape of the future. Mutual settlements between people will become easier. The production of money by man will become an alternative to state monopolies.

The form of calculations as money that you can see and keep in your hands, will gradually become electronic. I’m sure that the emergence of an alternative to fiat money, this is already a powerful idea.

How can people find out more you & your work?

To date, the only project I’m working on is Crypto Capital News. When creating the site, it was important to take into account our presence in large social networks. More about me and our site you can visit our pages in Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Also in the plans for 2018, the development of another Internet project, which we announce this fall. For some time we want to keep it a secret.

How can people contact you & learn more about you?

Of course, we will be glad to every reader who wishes to visit our site and become our subscriber in social networks. We try to provide interesting and useful articles as well as Interview with influential persons who already form the basis for future calculations using Blockcain technology.



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