Credit cards are nothing new. Founded in the 1850s, credit card type products such as copper and metal coins were used to barter for goods and services. Plastic credit cards were created in the 1950s and Visa was founded in the mid 1970s. Even the Europay, Mastercard and Visa standard?—?a chip-based standard that banks created designed to reduce fraud and protect consumers?—?is just a few years old.
As credit cards have evolved, the burdens of security have shifted to retailers and been passed on to consumers. As hackers get more and more clever, innovations are needed to protect the Everyman. This is where Asset Token is a real game changer for credit card holders.

Backed by powerful cryptographic security that today is a necessary commodity, the Asset Token API helps consumers transfer their unused, stale, credit card reward points offering them a frozen cheeseburger at a local deli, or a bottle of cheap wine for “just that special moment”, for a real digital asset with lasting value.
A federal judge in New York state just recently ruled that crypto assets (digital assets backed by the cyber secure feature of cryptography) are indeed commodities. Having a commodity, instead of just an expense generating card, is a necessity for our everyday lives.

In addition to customers benefiting tremendously, banks are set up too with the Asset Token API. Integration is seemless and enables banks and other financial institutions the ability to remove unused reward point liabilities dragging down their balance sheets, and replace them with Asset Tokens. It’s the first and only platform that simultaneously benefits both banks and consumers. The bank that adopts the Asset Token platform is one that truly cares about its customers, not just its own profits.
A popular line from the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is “San Dimas High School Football Rules!”. The credit card industry has seen a wild ride over the past 160 years. And it continues to evolve. This time, with Asset Token being the technological innovator in the credit card rewards space, consumers can get out of debt sooner and live a life that rules for them.

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