Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms at the moment. The platform boasts of about 800 million active users, eight million of which are business profiles. Entrepreneurs have been looking for ways to harness Instagram’s marketing potential, which in many cases, has led to them losing a lot of money to influencers. Brands are looking for ways to ensure that they are reaching targeted demographics, driving engagement with users, and generating real value on Instagram.

The biggest challenge for marketers is that Instagram is a highly competitive network, and running a successful marketing campaign on the platform goes beyond posting beautiful pictures and Emojis. You need a strategy. You need to set a clear set of goals and measurable results to come up with a good Instagram marketing strategy. You can use the infographic below as a guide.

The Influence of Instagram

Set Clear Goals

Instagram has the highest number of users who are ready to make a purchase based on something they saw. The platform’s focus on visual sharing offers is good for showcasing your culture, people, as well your merchandise or services. Depending on your key performance indicators, brand, and industry, there is a specific set of objectives you should be targeting.

These include showcasing your products and services, increasing customer loyalty and engagement, showcasing your team and recruiting new talent, demonstrating company culture, increasing brand awareness, etc. These objectives will help you determine the best approach for each part of the process as you continue to develop your strategy.

Build Your Audience

To market your products or services on Instagram, you need to get your message to the people. There are two approaches to doing that; you can decide to start from scratch and build your own Instagram following or use influencers. Building a following organically on Instagram is not easy, and it takes time. You can use tools such as IconoSquare or Webstagram to uncover top hashtags used by your target audience. After that, you can use these hashtags to selectively send posts that reach an audience that has interest in your niche.


Influencers are people with massive social media following of users who might be interested in your brand. With Instagram marketing, you can use an influencer to send out a post and ensure that it reaches many people at once. About 70 percent of top brands in different industries are using influencer marketing. You don’t need a celebrity as an influencer, advocates are driving the most engagement and are less expensive.

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