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Higher interactions on Instagram with emoji

With the use of the right hashtags, it is possible to achieve higher interactions and increase the reach of your Instagram posts. However, hashtags aren’t the only means with which you can broaden the awareness of your post and stir up the interactions on your posts.

Another good way to achieve this is by using emojis. “Tears of Joys” ? , “Red Hearts” ???  or “Face throwing a Kiss” ?  have become an integral part of our everyday communication and appear in almost every private Facebook or Whatsapp message. But the use of emojis is not only restricted to private communication: Businesses also integrate them into posts on their various social networks.

In order to gain a deeper knowledge of how emojis are used by celebrites, brands, agencies and indivduals on Instagram, social media analytics provider, quintly, (Link to: analyzed 20,000 profiles with a total of 6.2 million posts during the entire year of 2016.

Based on this analysis, we’re able to reveal some findings on the usage of emojis on Instagram – specifically, how frequently emojis are used and if emojis lead to higher interactions.

The following Instagram emoji study tackles this topic and provides insights on how businesses can benefit from emojis, as well as what impact they can have on each and every marketer’s social media strategy.

56% of analyzed Instagram profiles use emojis

The first aspect that was unveiled in the study was the share of the 20,000 analyzed profiles that used emojis: 56%. The remaining 44% did not make use of them. This is a simple but interesting figure that already indicates the popular usage of emojis by Instagram users on their posts.

No. 1 – “Use of Emojis of All Analyzed profiles in 2016”

Change in use of Emojis on Instagram

Digging deeper into the numbers, the study also found that the amount of emojis used by each profile was often relative to the size of the analyzed profile group.

For example, just 19% of the smallest profile group “1 to 1,000 followers” used emojis in the beginning of the year. The number has risen to 26% December – a growth of 37% in just one year – but it still remains small compared to the number of emojis used by the largest profile group.


 Insert Picture No.2 – “Change in Use of Emojis on Instagram”

81%  of the biggest analyzed profiles, accounts with more than 10 million followers, had integrated emojis to their Instagram (Link to:  campaign in the beginning of the year. The share of emojis declined throughout the year, but was still held strong at 75% in December 2016.

Taking a look at the other profile groups, it can be seen that they all experienced an increase in the amount of emojis used over the course of the year.

17% higher interaction rates through emojis

One of the main questions that the study tried to answer is whether or not the use of emojis lead to a higher interaction rate. The study analyzed the effect on the interaction rate of a post if an emoji is integrated versus if one is not. The absence of emojis resulted in an average interaction rate of 1.77%, whereas post with an emoji witnessed an average interaction rate of 2.07%.  Using an emoji in a post can increase the interaction rate by 17%!

This bit of information, that posts receive a significant higher amount of likes and comments when emojis are incorporated, should be taken into consideration when setting up social media tactics in order to achieve your goals.

            Picture No.3 – “Interaction Rate 3 on Instagram”


The top 10 emojis

This study also revealed the ten most popular emojis on Instagram in 2016. Not surprisingly, the most used emoticon on the mobile photo-sharing app was the camera icon with flash “? ”. The emoji “Tears of Joys” ?  didn’t make it to the top ten list on Instagram, but still remains widely used on smartphones. (Link to:

Another insight that was uncovered was that the season of the year impacted the usage of emojis, e.g. the “pumpkin” was used more often during Halloween and the “Christmas tree” more often in December!

Picture No.4 – “Top 10 emoijs on Instagram”

Business can benefit from emojis

Emojis can be really beneficial to improve the number of interactions. Therefore, it is a great way to receive a higher interactions on your posts. But with all things in life, don’t over do it. It is important to make sure emojis are only used when appropriate and when they fit the context.

But solely using emojis will not inevitably result in a higher interaction rate. You must also focus on informative or entertaining content and to combine it with context relevant hashtags and emoticons, so that you can provide an overall quality experience for your audience.

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