Covesting’s promising copy-trading social platform for crypto currencies has opened a Pre-ICO for early investors today, October 20th. Investors in the platform will have a chance to get involved with the project early, by receiving 300 COV per ETH they contribute to the Presale. This is a unique chance for early adopters of the platform to acquire COV tokens with the intent to use them on the platform at a significant discount; or for investors to invest directly in the growth of the COV token’s value.

Built by former Saxo Bank traders for crypto traders.

Covesting, a blockchain start-up by former Saxo Bank traders, is in process of development of the revolutionary Copy-trading platform using one of the hottest trends from traditional investing. Their platform will allow users to deposit BTC, ETH, and even fiat (like EUR and USD) and then “subscribe” to professional crypto currency traders who are searchable by investment strategy, risk, past performance, user reviews, and popularity. By subscribing, Covesting’s platform will automatically replicate all the trades made by the professional trader in real-time. Covesting brings a mutually beneficial peer-2-peer investment management solution, where any crypto currency trader can become a full-scale asset manager and receive success fees by allowing others to follow his strategy. Covesting is planning to establish partnerships with various cryptocurrency exchanges, which will allow professional traders to use any of those platforms to make trades and in turn make trades on behalf of the investors who subscribe to them.

Covesting pre-ICO Details

  • Coin Name: COV
  • Coins available in pre-ICO: 1,500,000 (7.5% of total coins)
  • pre-ICO date: 20th Oct 2017 – 19th Nov 2017
  • Price: 1 ETH = 300 COV
  • Target: 5000 ETH
  • Website:

Covesting look to bring copy trading to Blockchain

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