Comreg performed a survey on Information and Communication Technologies between the 8th of September and the 27th of October 2011. The results cover a wide range of areas but we’re going to focus on the Mobile section which threw up some interesting findings. The survey involved telephone interviews with about 1000 consumers aged 15-74 years old.


Mobile phone use is at 97% with 80% of people reporting they have a laptop, 53% reporting they have a desktop and 11% saying they have a Tablet.









Some worrying aspects that showed up were that 41% of those surveyed who had a mobile phone contract were unaware of the charges that could be levied on them if they broke their contract. The average monthly spend on mobile phone services was 32euro. Vodafone was used by 46% of respondents with Meteor being the most popular network with the under 30’s. Vodafone also had the largest segment of under 30s high spenders.









23% of households are mobile only, as in no fixed line present. And the younger the respondent the more likely they’d have no fixed line. Most of the mobile only households were in Dublin.







37% of respondents were bill pay mobile users 62 % being pre pay. The other 1% had a mix of both. The mean monthly spend on prepay was 21 euro and on bill pay was 48.95euro. 56% of those with a phone said they had a smartphone capable of accessing the internet; however a sizable minority don’t use that capability.

I suppose for me the most worrying aspect of the survey was that many people (over 40%) did not know that they’d be liable for breaking their contract. Do these people understand that they could also be liable for breaking other types of contracts too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Details of the full survey are here:




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