Comreg have released their third quarter results for the Irish market and things continue to change in the Irish market. Porting this quarter is slightly down on last quarter but year on year 2011 is continuing to see the largest number of ports being completed since it was allowed back in 2003. I’d expect that the final quarter this year should see another record rise in porting with the Christmas period always being a busy time and the release of the iPhone 4s.

The full survey is available here:










Market share by subscriptions Tesco Mobile have finally entered the charts (previously their subscription numbers were below 1% and were therefore excluded) with 2.1% of the mobile market. Vodafone has the  highest market share with 41.2% (down 0.7% over last quarter), Three are up 0.2% to 7.2% since last quarter, Eircom group (meteor & emobile) are down slightly to 19.2%. O2 are down the most loosing 1.3% of market subscriptions in the last quarter (30.3% market share).








Market share by revenue Tesco have 1%, Three are up 0.6% to 6.7%, Eircom group are up 0.1% to 17.6%. Both O2 and Vodafone’s revenue by market share are down by about 1% to 31.4% and 43.3% respectively.










Tesco and Three seem to be the main market movers at the moment. Both are aggressively pursing new customers with their offers and it seems to be making inroads on the big 2’s markets albeit slowly. With a busy market place in the last quarter (Christmas and the release of the iPhone 4s) could we see O2’s market share (for both Revenue and Subscriptions) dip for the first time in a long time below 30%? Surely a psychological marker for Telefónica O2. Time will tell. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.




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