Last week I had the chance to connect with Daniel Abela, Director & Lead Designer at the Blockchain company ClearPoll. With a 99% of the Pre-ICO tokens already sold (at the time of publishing this article), energy is super high. Going strong they are already planning for the full ICO mid-October 2017. So I wanted to know more about the team and what their plans are for the funds received.

Business Showcase : ClearPoll

How did it all begin?

The very first concept for ClearPoll was actually going to be an app that allowed users to list all their favourite things. A social app where you can view your friends’ lists, compare, view cool stats about how similar you are to others and more. We started work on that over 2 years ago. It evolved into ClearPoll after noticing more and more manipulation of data and public opinion in the media – particularly around the US Election and primaries. We decided it would be more beneficial to society if there was one place to go, to actually vote on a topic, rather than just list a lot of things you like. We were early adopters of Ethereum and then it just clicked – we can use blockchain technology to make the polling app far more secure – so nobody can manipulate or censor the results at all.

What milestones/ Objectives have you accomplished so far?

After many long nights, we’ve finalised the design of ClearPoll. This was more than just pretty pictures, we had to resolve the entire network and how it all works together for the users as well as the advanced service subscribers. A recent milestone was reaching the goal we had set ourselves for the Pre-ICO which was 600,000 POLL tokens sold.

What was the biggest challenge you faced up to now?

The biggest challenge is running an ICO with a limited marketing budget (compared to the ICOs we are seeing now, spending millions). We rely on people loving the concept and sharing/talking about it. So far it has worked quite well, we’ve received a great response and had several articles written, unsponsored. People see the value in it and are generally excited about it.

How did your pre-ICO go? 

Our Pre-ICO went very well. There are still 2 days to go as I write this. We had a very modest goal set, due to starting from scratch with the “buzz”. Nobody outside our team had even heard of ClearPoll before the Pre-ICO launched. No lead up, no hype. It started growing quickly and we are over 50% of the way to our soft cap for the entire ICO!

Why an ICO? 

Being a blockchain application, it made sense to run an ICO to sell POLL tokens which will be used to access advanced services on our network. We’re effectively giving people the chance to get in early in a social network that could grow very quickly. A much better deal than traditional crowdfund methods. Would you rather have a coffee mug or some POLL tokens that others are scrambling to get their hands on?

What are the plans with the funds you will receive from the ICO?

40% of the funds will be used to develop ClearPoll. That includes building it (the design is already done). 35% will be allocated to marketing and PR to build interest before launch and during launch. The remaining funds will be used for product development (planning and research & development) and general expenses of running the company.

How are the tokens going to be used? 

POLL tokens will be required to access advanced features. They include ClearPoll Plus and ClearPoll Advertising Network. ClearPoll Plus is an advanced data metrics subscription, allowing journalists and marketing people to access detailed analytics on age, gender, specific location, votes by the hour and more. It will be a very valuable tool for research and reporting, and it can only be purchased with POLL tokens. Our advertising network will also only be accessible with POLL tokens. Social apps can be great places to advertise, and we expect the ad space to be in high demand, and hence POLL tokens to be in high demand. As well as these services, we are also reserving 10% of all tokens to be destroyed, at a rate of 100 every time a poll completes. This is effectively driving up the value of remaining tokens, as the service is used.

Any specific conditions the buyers need to know before they buy?

It’s very straightforward actually, nothing tricky. POLL tokens will be generated after the ICO is completed, and the number of tokens will be known at that stage because 70% of all tokens will be going to ICO contributors. For example, if we sell 700,000 tokens, 1 million will be generated in total. Aside from that, it’s a very standard ICO.

More about the business model and the company itself, where you guys based?

We are an Australian Company called Nextech Developments. We are based in Perth, Western Australia.

For anyone who wants to start a Blockchain business, what is the key advice would you give them?

It is such a new industry, changing very rapidly. So I would suggest just immersing yourself in it, researching non-stop, asking questions and observing trends. Being a new industry there is a great opportunity to create something special if you have the right idea and choose the right team.

Click HERE for more information about ClearPoll.

The incredible value of advanced data, ICO opportunities with ClearPoll, insights with Daniel Abela

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