By @SimonCocking interesting catch up with founder of ClearPoll Daniel Abela

Business Showcase : ClearPoll

What is your background briefly:

My background is in design. I’ve been a qualified graphic designer for over 15 years and in more recent times have been focusing on web design and app design. I’ve run my own successful design business for the last 10 years, working with many of Perth’s leading advertising agencies while at the same time building my own client base. I’ve also launched several chart-topping mobile apps, alongside my business partner and ClearPoll co-founder Robert Culley.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Absolutely. Not only due to my experience designing apps, but I’ve always taken an interest in statistics and data analysis, in regards to the performance of my work. On top of that, I’m very interested in social and political issues and how they are represented (or misrepresented) in the media. ClearPoll really is an accumulation of all of my experience and interests.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

Right now I am focusing on the design of the ClearPoll app and desktop platform. Not only aesthetics, but making sure it all works together to create a simple and intuitive system for users of all backgrounds. We’ve got experienced UX designers on our team, so my role is more of a creative director overseeing “the big picture”. I’m very happy with how the entire ClearPoll system is coming together and flowing in a logical and effective way. It’s one of those rare occasions where it all just comes together – it just works!

Why does ClearPoll offer a great opportunity to investors and fintech experts?

The value of ClearPoll, in regards to investment returns, lies mostly with ClearPoll Plus as well as ClearPoll Advertising Network. Both of those key services are obtainable only with POLL tokens. In order to use ClearPoll Plus to access very valuable advanced metrics data, a journalist or marketing person will need to obtain POLL tokens first. This creates a constant demand, and the more success ClearPoll has, the more demand there will be for those services and subsequently the tokens. Same goes for the advertising network. Ad space is obtainable only with POLL tokens. To put it simply, there is incredible value in advanced data, and great exposure possible with the advertising space – and both of them require someone to obtain POLL tokens, which will only be possible by trading on an exchange. Should someone already own POLL tokens (likely purchased during our ICO), they will benefit from the increased value of the tokens due to demand. Lastly, we are reserving 10% of all tokens which will be destroyed at a rate of 100 tokens per poll completed. That’s a nice way of adding value to the existing tokens, as ClearPoll is used.

How is ClearPoll different from other blockchain initiatives?

ClearPoll is a great example of how blockchain technology can be applied to a mainstream application. It will be very simple for the everyday person to use, with no technical skills required. The users will be introduced to the concept of blockchain by explaining to them the benefits of it. The key benefit being decentralised storage of their votes and poll results, making it near impossible for any individual or corporation to manipulate. ClearPoll differs from many other blockchain projects due to it being one of the first cases of using the technology to solve an existing problem that is not in the financial, payment processing or currency exchange area.

How soon do you think investors could see a return on their investments?

Early contributors will experience substantial bonuses on their POLL tokens, so there is an immediate chance at a healthy return as soon as POLL is listed on an exchange, which we plan to do very shortly after the ICO completes. Currently, contributors will receive a 40% bonus on POLL tokens. On top of that, the real returns are likely to be experienced after ClearPoll launches. We are aiming for August 2018 for the full launch. Straight away, advertising space is going to be in demand, and as users increase, ClearPoll Plus will start to become a very valuable service too. So there is a short term opportunity for a great return, and then a medium term opportunity as well. As ClearPoll grows, the value of the tokens should only continue to increase.

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