By @TheMarkDalton.

CITLY is a new map-based social tool which allows you to discover what is happening around you in real-time based on what city you are located in. The app places an emphasis on the city or town and is intended to allow you to discover what is going on in the area locally.

The concept is simple, the user can share and view posts made by other users on a map based interface. When you create a new post the function is restricted to the actual physical location of the device, this ensures authenticity of the post which is being made on the app.

By viewing the map you can then see what is going on in your favourite spots across the city you are in. You can access messages, posts, photos and videos which have been made by other users around you.




You can sign up to the app using either Twitter or Facebook, or if you prefer you can sign up anonymously by using the “Free-Bird” option which means you don’t have to sign up and you will appear as a ‘guest’ when making posts on the platform.

There is no direct messaging between users, there are no friends and followers. The idea is that the user is simply following the city or town that they are based in and can view the world in general via the map interface.

CITLY does not track or monitor the movement of users for added privacy. It is a free app with no ads as the developers wanted to focus on app function and user experience. There is no user manual or prompts on how to get started and to be honest they are not required either.

The app is easy to use and pick up. The layout is simple and clean. You can download CITLY from the App Store link below.

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