We reported here some time ago that Chrome was to finally launch for Android devices and today it went live in the Market  in Beta form. You can download it from the market now and install it on your device. You must be running Ice Cream Sandwich on your device. No support for previous versions of Android yet and it’s hard to know if there will be in the future.

First impressions of it running on a Galaxy Nexus is that it is very fast at loading and rendering pages. All your bookmarks are synced between devices so what you have saved on you computer will be available on the phone. Even the tabs you have open on your computer can be synced. There are several nice visual effects such as swapping between tabs, which you are able to scroll between by tilting the phone back and forward. It is not without it’s little bugs but that’s to be expected with Beta software. One thing of note though is that this is the end of the line for Adobe Flash support (I can hear the iOS users among you say Adobe what?!). Adobe have stated earlier that they will not be bringing their fading plug in to Chrome for Android. 

We will have an in depth review once we have used it for while so keep an eye out for that.

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