Even though you’d think the default browser on Android should be Chrome it isn’t the case. There is a default browser that is pushed out on every Android phone, some manufacturers add their own touch to it but in general it’s a fairly standard affair.


It has never had the “shout from the roof tops” Google publicising that Chrome has had and to most Android followers it has always been a glaring omission.

Why have a computer based Browser that is closing in on second place in the latest browser wars but not push it out on a Mobile OS that is on the crest of a wave? If they could convert even half of their Android user base to using Chrome on their computers, Internet Explorer may actually start loosing some serious ground.


No one has known the answer to this, but the same way I or anyone else realise that Android is not always going to hold on to that top spot in the Mobile OS arena, I’m sure Google is seeing the same thing and now would be a good time to push a new Chrome based Mobile Browser out before the boat has sailed.


“Chrome to Phone” gave us an indication in the past of where Google sees things are heading one day. You could be working on your computer using Chrome and then seamlessly transition to continuing your work on your mobile device while you were away from your desktop, all with one click.


Would you bet against Chrome for Android being introduced with Ice Cream Sandwich in October, just in time to try and take some of the sheen of a certain Cupertino based company’s announcement?


Let us know what you think below…..


(link to the Chromium code website and the Android indications!)




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