Yoav Barel, Founder of the Chatbot Summit, spoke to Irish Tech News about this event, what to expect, and how it was started.

What was the inspiration to start Chatbot Summit?

As someone who’s been in the digital experience market for close to two decades, I started to sense that a major shift was starting to emerge and that now would be the turn of conversational/natural language as the next big thing. Although my role as Head of Mobile Messaging at LivePerson was very meaningful, I decided I wanted to venture out and start something of my own. While I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d be doing…. I found myself searching for like-minded individuals I could connect with within this realm.

To my amazement, nothing substantial really existed and there wasn’t a community or organization whose mission is to help in advancing the digital experience ecosystem with a focus on conversational experiences. This is what drove me to build the Chatbot Summit community, and our first conference turned out be the world’s largest conference dedicated for Bots in 2016.

What opportunities are on offer for those attending?

In general people attending the summit to accomplish 3 main things:

Connect – Meet like-minded individuals whom have already adopted a digital transformation strategy or are in the process to. Meet those that are providing these services and figure out which would be most suitable for your organization.

Learn – Leading experts in different industries including Financial Services, Automotive, Telco, Travel, Retail will be sharing their knowledge on their experience adopting digital transformation and the benefits it has brought to their organizations, regardless of the industry.

Do Business – Network with global players giving one the opportunity to expand their brand, look for a new role, raise capital, the opportunities here are endless.

Our attendees range from Digital Executives, Product Managers + UX Designers, Early Stage + Pre-Seed Startups & their ecosystem partners, brands launching natural language experiences, investors, and media contributors all part of pioneering and leading the innovations in the field of conversational AI and natural language experiences. We have dedicated sessions targeting every type of attendee, and we hope at the end that each attendee experiences the opportunity to connect, learn, and do business.

Key topics include: Conversational AI, Voice Assistants, WhatsApp, RCS, Customer Experience, Natural Language, Conversational Commerce, Customer Service.

We conducted a survey to discover what are the main motivations of attending our conference. The below photo is the result.

What speakers can you reveal?

    1. Rahmyn Kress, Chief Digital Officer – Henkel
    2. Amit Ben, Head Of Technology – LogMeIn
    3. Chris Popple, Product Owner – Applied Science – Lloyds Bank
    4. Michael Fertik, Founder + Managing Partner, Heroic Venture
    5. Antoine Raux, Co-Founder + CTO – b4.ai
    6. Jan F. Morgenthal, Chief Product Owner – Deutsche Bank
    7. Mike Gozzo, Co-Founder + CTO – Smooch.ai
    8. Ofer Ronen, General Manager – Chatbase
    9. Phil Parsons, Product Owner – Booking.com
    10. Yoav Barel, Founder + CEO – Chatbot Summit
    11. https://www.chatbotsummit.com

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

The tips vary depending on who you are and why you are attending the conference but as a general suggestion to all attendees: connect. There is nothing that replaces a personal interaction when people meet face to face. We design our conference around connecting like-minded individuals and enable meaningful connection between all those attending. From more intimate workshops, to dedicated roundtable discussions, to meeting areas, events running both before and after the event, the opportunities are endless to achieve the goals you set out for!

For startups: understand where you are in the market and what is your unique value-add. Do your best to think win-win and create partnerships, and of course, meet investors and customers. Take part in the start-up competition! There will be media covering the event, which even if you don’t win, will allow for positive brand exposure (which sometimes is valued more)!

For executives in the Digital, Customer Care and Customer Experience areas: learn from the best minds in the industry and fellow colleagues! Many of the attendees have similar goals but are utilizing different strategies to achieve them! While you connect, learn about them! Learn about different use-cases and see how you can either improve their processes or your own. Find the leading platform technologies and solution providers in the field. Meet and explore the most innovative startups in the field, who knows, maybe you’ll want to adopt their technology and be blown away by the new innovations in the market!

For Investors: This is your opportunity to dive deeper into the market of Digital Innovation and Digital Adoption. Take the time to meet start-ups that are creating innovative solutions that improve efficiencies and answer key questions within digital experience!

For Technology Leaders: Be expected to be blown away by the ways digital innovation and human-technology interaction has changed in the years. This conference is an opportunity to learn from other leaders on how they have designed, built, and brought to market different solutions. Not only is it an opportunity to learn about solutions but it is also an opportunity to understand how to adopt these changes while shifting your company culture to adopt said changes.

When do tickets usually sell out?

General Attendee tickets do not sell out as our event is at one of the biggest venues in Berlin, The Estrel. VIP tickets are very limited, however, Workshop tickets are already running out. It would be best to grab one as soon as possible, especially if you are keen for a hands on learning experience.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We are expecting 1500-2000 attendees, over 100 speakers, over 50 exhibitors and it is going to be the most incredible event! The information that will be shared will be responsible in changing the DAILY lives of billions of people. Every organization going through digital transformation must understand how WhatsApp and Amazon Alexa can help them transform their business!




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