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Chad Harper,CEO Hip Hop Saves Lives speaking at SIGEF 2015 Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum 2015 organized by@Horyou  will take place in Geneva, Switzerland (October 2015)

I am a humanitarian who uses music to spread universal love, see more about what we do here.

What lead you into what you do now?

I choose this work to combine my passion of community service with Hip Hop.

What will you speak about at SIGEF?

I will speak about Hip Hop Saves Lives new I LOVE YOU campaign which is creating a network for a global community center though music studios.


Who might it appeal to ?

It will appeal to humanitarians, youth interested in the arts, their parents and family, community leaders and all people who love feel good music

How was last 12 months?

I saw many parts of the globe working with youth and loving life

Anything you’d do differently?

Spread more love

Tips to others trying to achieve change?

Combine your passion with community service

Your top 5 favourite  hiphop tunes?

Oh boy I won’t even go there. That will take all day to narrow down. But one I really love is the HORYOU theme song

Anything we should have asked you / you’d like to add?

What drives you to continue what you do?

The smiles on the babies faces!!!

What is SIGEF?

SIGEF is an annual international event that gathers non-profit organizations, renowned speakers, social entrepreneurs and the general public for three days of dialogue and interaction. It features plenary sessions, cultural events and networking opportunities, as well as NGO and project showcases.?

The first edition took place last year and hosted more than 2,500 participants and over 50 NGOs present on the Horyou platform. SIGEF 2015 is expected to have a far broader scope and reach, with 5,000 participants, 100 NGOs, 30 keynote speakers and 50 media partners.

This new edition of SIGEF is an open invitation for reflection, dialogue and action in favour of social innovation and social good. It will focus on proposing effective solutions to shape the better times to come.

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