Chameleon, the specialist Native Advertising software company, has today announced the smashing of a significant milestone: within their first year of operations, the company has generated more than 120 Billion impressions via its campaigns worldwide and achieved 50% monthly growth. This early success is thanks largely to their proprietary native advertising technology, specifically technology which enables companies to overcome adblockers.

Founded by Carlo Petito, Roy Bellingan and Ruben Amoruso, the fast-growing Irish Adtech startup headquartered in Dublin is on a mission to connect digital advertising companies, providing scalable, non-intrusive and innovative solutions supported by a full-stack native platform.

To this end, Chameleon offers media companies a Native Advertising SaaS platform and Ad Server to allow them to directly sell, deliver and manage their own Native ad formats and campaigns.

Chameleon also helps publishers maximise revenues across all devices and formats and advertisers to improve their ROI and engagement levels through video, desktop and Mobile native ad formats. A Real Time Bidding platform also connects publishers and advertisers within a Native Advertising exchange and their non-intrusive whitelisted solution enables the bypassing of ad-blockers, helping clients monetize 100% of their traffic.

The startup’s potential was spotlighted last year when they were awarded ‘Best High Tech Startup 2015’ by the Minister of Work and ConnectIreland and recent clients include Criteo, Kijiji (part of the Ebay Group) and Blogo.

”Reaching 120 billion impressions served was our first key milestone as a company which we smashed much earlier than expected,” said co founder and CEO of Chameleon, Carlo Petito. “As we continue to add household name brands among our growing client list we’re expecting a very interesting end of year as businesses continue to strive to find trustworthy and high performing native advertising partners who are also able to tackle issues surrounding ad blocking, an area which Chameleon truly excels.”

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