CBG.ie has launched Ireland’s first Freephone from Browser facility. This service allows customers of CBG.ie access to call a dealer/ seller directly from the ad in their browser. The call is free of charge to consumers and their phone number is not displayed.

The service was developed by Kodacall, an Irish startup whose PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering brings immersive multi-media communications capabilities to Web and APPD Developers.

This is very exciting for both CBG.ie and its 230,000 monthly visitors,” says Joe Kavanagh – Digital Commercial Director of www.cbg.ie “It’s a world first and a unique proposition for the public viewing the 35,000 cars currently live on CBG. We have been working in close partnership with Kodacall and are delighted to be first to market with this service that undoubtedly will become the norm over the years to come.”

There are currently over 800 car dealers on CBG.ie and this service has been launched onto every one of their cars and vehicle stock.

This is hugely beneficial to the Motor Industry and more specifically to car dealers,” Kavanagh continued. “Dealers can now measure the level of sales calls and inquiries for all of their ads published on the CBG.ie website”.

CBG.ie has been an invaluable partner in launching our first product,” explained Miguel Ponce de Leon, Kodacall’s CTO, “bringing a number of early customers’ feedback that helped us position the product in an ideal way for this classifieds vertical.”

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