By @SimonCocking. To see more about the camera and it’s product specifications, see the Canon website here, and Canon Ireland here.

This is an interesting camera. Twice the price of an entry level DSLR, but with a lot more punch than other, lower quality point and shoot cameras. We used it for a good time period and it does have a lot of features that are great and do encourage you to take it out with you as often as possible. It will fit into a jacket or coat pocket easily, and is not significantly heavy. This is instantly a good win as it means you are more likely to have it to hand when you see something good.


Sample pictures taken with the camera, see here

The zoom is also impressive. We really tried to work it, and push it to it’s limits to see what it could capture, and to what level of pixellation? We were pleasantly surprised with the results, which further enhanced the appeal of having it out with you on more occasions. It is easy to use, and pretty quick to figure out most of the basic things that you would like to adjust on a camera. When watching other people pick it up and use it, the usability was pretty good and they were invariably taking pictures pretty quickly.

IMG_4748 London light, Chinese Dragons

You can see a lot of the same of similar technology from some of the recent DSLR’s we have reviewed, like the Canon EOS 760D and before that also the Canon EOS 700D.  You get the feeling you are holding in your hands something that is standing on the shoulders of what has come before.


Taken with the zoom 1

IMG_4538 Taken with the zoom 2

Battery power was good. Make sure you have a big enough memory card, we tended to fill up the 4gb one pretty quickly. One minor design flaw, the catch for keeping the memory card and battery managed to work itself open several times. Luckily everything inside was firmly attached, but still not good to work itself loose so easily.

This was a fun, portable camera to use, but also one that will return good images for you too. Definitely one to recommend.


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