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We trialed the Canon EOS760D across Dublin, Web Summit, Sligo, Surf Summit, and West Cork, Cape Clear. Using it in indoor and outdoor locations. Billed as one step up from an entry level DSLR camera it provides a lot of punch for it’s price, performing well in limited time situations and in extreme weather locations too.


For more details on the EOS 760 D’s technical specifications see here.

ryantAs you can see above when a quick photo opportunity arose to catch Ryan Tubridy in a mildly compromising position it was good to go.


On Lake Inisfree it did a good job of capturing the variations in light, between the Sligo muted colours and the golden light of the setting sun, and all with a rainbow appearing in the fading light too.


It performed well in more extreme conditions too, particularly when Storm Barney came blowing through.

In these pictures it was able to capture the snow-like sea foam whipped up by the storms. It was also able to capture some good higher speed sequences of wave sets rolling and breaking, which is handy when you want to show surfers in other parts of the country what the waves are doing.


The camera is light enough and small enough to be kept in an inside coat pocket for those times when you don’t want to be constantly taking it in and out of the case. It felt robust and able to be used quickly and easily, useful for using it to capture one off images.


It also performed well in quickly switching from different lighting aspects, and capturing the subtleties of quickly changing light scenes. We enjoyed using it and look forward to seeing what else Canon will come up with.

Canon are not the only brand available in Ireland, but as our recent interview with their head of Irish operations, Philip Brady suggests. They seem to be the one most active on the ground, engaging with users, looking for feedback and keen to put the products into people’s hands and get them taking more photographs.

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