By @SimonCocking. Canon’s new EOS M5 reviewed, available to buy here.

We’ve had this camera to review since before Christmas now, and it is a camera that grows on you. Initially after previously reviewing the G3X it took a while to get used to using this camera. There has been some redesign of the key elements on the top dials, and like everything when you have got used to things being one way, it can take time to adjust to them being different. We persevered with this one, spoke to a few people who really love their Canon’s and they suggested it might just be a really good camera that we needed to get used to, and to even perhaps RTFM too.


We kept with it, got more familiar with the new dial settings. Also discovering the possibly not completely intuitive value of the SCN setting (yes we know RTFM!), here is the gold for that quick compromise between specific settings for each shot, and some general go-to options for landscapes and portraits.

We know there are issues with the fact that the old lenses will need an adapter to work with this camera. Maybe this camera is not quite aimed at that market. For this price and the size that it is though, is does enable you to pack a powerful punch into your pocket. The quality of the images is far richer, and more subtle than you will be able to capture on your top end smart phones, while the size remains small enough that you can have it with you when scrambling around outdoors. The portrait picture setting, with the macro-like close up focus and background blur were impressive, and this could well be a successful camera in the better than entry level, but still affordable to the everyday user. In the end we liked it, and grudgingly accepted that some times the better things in life take a little time to learn how to use.


More pics here


Canon’s new EOS M5, we find out more about the design thinking behind it.

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