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Canon Ireland kindly lent us an EOS700D (Digital SLR) to put it through it’s paces. Canon Ireland passionate about the power of image, both for home and office environments.

Summary. A great entry level digital SLR for the new convert to Digital SLR’s, and also a great tool for artists looking to document their work and amateur action event photographers.


We used the Canon EOS 700D for the Belfast Web Summit this year. As well as closeups of people speaking we were fortunate to catch one of the speakers, Dug Song pulling a few tricks on the skateboard halfpipe behind the speakers stage. This enabled us to see how the camera performed in a variety of settings.


We also wanted to see how it performed with close up shots too, to use it like a macro lens. Here it perform well too.


Overall this is a great entry level camera for someone looking to move into using a Digital SLR camera. The price is competitive with other similar type cameras on the market, and these days if you can buy it from one of the camera shops in Dublin they will often throw in a range of good additional assets with the camera. This has recently included a free lesson on how to get the most out of the camera and some basic instruction on the various settings that come on the camera.

The camera also has a default ‘A’ (automatic) setting which you can used. We used this for several hundred pictures and we found it to be a good (and bad) option. Good because it makes a lot of the light corrections automatically and generally returns pretty great pictures. Bad, and we say this only based on using it for a week, because at times it seemed to almost be ‘juicing’ the pictures it returned. By this we mean that sometimes the reds, while looking great in the images captured, seemed a little more vivid than they actually were in reality. Is the automatic setting enhancing and adding to the colours you are photographing?

Overall though it is a great camera for it’s price, and returns some really nice pictures.  If Santa’s reindeer happened to knock one loose from his sleigh while flying over our house we wouldn’t send it back!


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