Today’s Business Showcase feature is on a Start Up who are aiming to help SMEs get online for a small monthly fee.
Based in Dublin, are on a mission is to get every small business in Ireland online. You can find out how below.

Can you explain what is and what services you offer? is an online platform specifically designed to get small businesses online fast, at a price that suits their budget. The platform allows small businesses and startups to launch a website in one day and manage their daily digital marketing efforts in a simple to use control panel.

We offer a free setup to customers who don’t have the time to do it themselves, and can create custom websites and solutions on request. We also create and manage digital marketing campaigns for customers.

When was the company launched? was launched in early 2015, following two years of development and is still in its own start-up phase. We’ve had a lot of initial success with excellent feedback from clients so far.

Can you tell us about the people behind it? was created in by former Silicon Valley software developer Niall Hickey. Having worked with and in both large and small enterprises, Niall observed a genuine need in the market for a digital marketing platform to benefit small and medium sized companies.

When Niall returned to Ireland from working as an Application Developer in California, he saw a real gap in the market for a simple solution to help small businesses and start-ups in Ireland to get online. While teaching digital marketing courses in the evenings, and working with numerous startups throughout Ireland, he quickly realised that entrepreneurs were busy doing their jobs and some didn’t have the time or money to launch a digital marketing campaign, yet they knew they needed to. This was the seed that planted the idea in Niall’s and led to the development of and his mission to get every small business online.

After almost twenty years as a Marketing & Business Development Manager at a multinational, Fergus Ryan crossed over into the digital arena in 2014. He specializes in helping SME’s build their online presence through digital marketing activities. Fergus holds a diploma from the Digital Marketing Institute and certifications from Google and Hubspot. He joined forces with in June 2015 to help push the solution among SME’s and start ups throughout Ireland.


Can you explain how the platform works for end users?

To launch a website, users simply have to register at, log in and select their domain name. At that point the website is already built and awaiting content. Users can easily add pages of content, blog articles, images, videos, change the theme, fonts, colours and add products to their shop. If they don’t want to, we’ll do it for them. To activate the online shopping cart, a user simply has to enter their Paypal email address and products and they’re ready to sell online.

The website can be set to ‘under construction’ mode, so only the account holder can view their website during construction. This still allows users to collect email addresses of interested visitors prior to launching.

Users can then in a few clicks, link their Facebook and Twitter accounts to their control panel. This allows them to send an email, post to their blog, Tweet and post to Facebook all in one click, by selecting those options prior to clicking ‘Publish’ on a new blog post. is an easy-to-use, feature rich platform that allows companies to rapidly deploy a professional, mobile responsive website without the worry or cost of hiring IT professionals and designers.

The price is a monthly fee based on your requirement with an optional set up fee. If customers want to build their own website, all they pay is the monthly fee. If they want to wake up to a new website in the morning, they can opt for the modest set up fee.

In addition to getting you online quickly in a low cost fashion you also have an arsenal of digital marketing tools built in to the platform. Features like blogging, social sharing, ecommerce, email marketing and contact database all come as standard. differs from the other available website builders or template platforms in a few key ways, such as:

– We will register your domain as part of the monthly fee
– We will provide you hosting services as part of the monthly fee
– We will setup and build the website for free
– There are no extra plugins or add-ons needed
– All future updates will be pushed through the centre, so your website will always be up to date.
– We’ve placed an emphasis on simplicity while still being incredibly functional
– All publish sites come with e-commerce, blogging, social media sharing, e-mail marketing capabilities among others as standard


What is the pricing structure and what’s the main differences between levels?

There are 3 monthly plans which include a responsive website, email accounts, website hosting, .ie or .com domain name registration, email marketing, simple website stats, eCommerce shopping cart with Paypal and Stripe integration, social publishing, SEO, logo design and more.

The Startup Plan (€39.99/month)

The Startup Plan is designed for new businesses who want to get their business online today. With no setup fee, we will build the client’s new website, design the homepage and add the first five pages of content. This plan includes one user login, one email account and allows clients to collect up to 200 subscribers, who they can email once per month. The online store includes up to 25 store products with Paypal checkout.

The Business Plan (€59.99/month)

The Business Plan offers all of the Startup Plans features, plus more. It’s geared for a more established business who can create their own website, or for a setup fee of €499 can avail of a custom responsive website. This plan includes five user logins and five email accounts for teams, allows 600 contacts 1200 email newsletters per month. The online store includes up to 100 store products. This plan includes Google verification, auto sitemap submission and for advanced users, custom CSS styling option.

The Professional Plan (€149.99/month)

The Professional Plan offers the complete solution for a growing business that wants to impress its visitors with a custom solution that includes 2,000 contacts, 4,000 email newsletters, 500 store products with Paypal or Stripe checkout and the option of having create a cusom build for €1,999. This plan also includes Google verification, auto sitemap submission and custom CSS styling.

To keep things simple, offer a 14 day free trial on all plans, a rolling monthly agreement and users can cancel at anytime from within their control panel.

To keep things simple, offer a 14 day free trial on all plans, a rolling monthly agreement and users can cancel at anytime from within their control panel.


Do you offer any training to get people up and running?

Yes. Our mission is to get small businesses online and part of that includes ongoing training with customers. We offer one to one sessions, telephone training, online ticketing system for help queries, simple to follow online training tutorial videos and we host occasional free digital marketing workshops throughout the country for customers and anyone who wants to drop in with a digital marketing problem to be solved.

We also take all clients on a tour of the inner workings of their website and the control panel to make sure they can use it to get the most for their business. The platform also provides ongoing digital marketing coaching so clients get the most out of their efforts.

We also hold regular virtual meetings for clients using Google Hangouts, for interactive video support

How is customer & tech support handled?

All customers have access to the following Dublin based support options:

– Tech Support Phone Line – (01) 554 6283
– Online Ticketing System – via the control panel
– Emails to [email protected]

Who are your target market? was founded to help get small businesses online so our target audience is any small business. We want to help companies and individuals that are not yet online but would like to do so in a cost effective manner.

Why will do well? will succeed because we offer a superior product, that’s easy to use and fits any budget. Added to this is the size of the market and lack of competition offering solutions to small businesses. Looking at the figures, 40% of SME’s are not online, 60% of those that are online can’t take sales orders online, 68% can’t take payments online and 54% don’t have mobile ready websites. This shows that SMEs need help and that the potential market size is significant.

Also, over 60% of online spending in Ireland is lost to overseas companies. As Irish retailers realise this loss, and potential market, they will seek to improve their online presence, payment solutions, shopping carts, mobile websites, social interaction, email marketing, blogging, content management and more. can provide all of these solutions in one easy to use platform.


Where are you based? is located in The Hive Tech Hub in Dublin 1, next to the new Yahoo! offices.

What are the long term plans for

While the mission is to get every small business online in Ireland, we’re starting to feel like that’s just the beginning. Ireland provides an excellent market to launch a platform like, from where it can be expanded to other markets. We believe will become an Irish success story creating jobs both at home and abroad.

What’s the best way to get in touch and find out more?

Call Niall on 01 554 6283 or email [email protected]. You can also sign up for a 14 day free trial at We’re also on Twitter at @publish_ie and Facebook at

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with me on [email protected]

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