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Pinterest is starting to roll out the first live buyable pins this week. Earlier in the month, Pinterest made buyable pins official, a step that the company has been hinting towards for the best part of a year now. Buyable pins will have a bright blue buy button and will allow users to purchase anything from coats to recipe ingredients without leaving the app.

Pinterest is also rolling out two new curated sections. One of these sections is a “Shop our picks” tab where there will be handpicked products on display from various categories. There will also be a new “Shop” tab which will show the newest buyable pins on the app.

Pinners will be able to use a range of filters when searching buyable pins. They will be able to sort by price, colour, size or even save a pin to come back and look at later. Users will be able to pay by using Apple Pay or a credit card. The item is then shipped to your doorstep for the same price that it would cost from a merchant.

Pinterest is predicting that 30 million pins will become buyable over the next few weeks. There has been a soaring demand for buyable pins, even without a buy button present, nearly 90% of pinners have made a purchase because of Pinterest.

Some of the first buyable pins will come from brands such as Macy, Nordstrom and Spotify. At the moment buyable pins are being rolled out on iOS first with Android and desktop users slated to get them in “future releases.”

There is no indication on how long Android and desktop users will have to wait at the moment to be able to avail of the buyable pins however for the moment, if you are on iOS, keep an eye out for the blue buy button which should be arriving on your Pinterest app soon.


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