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Describe the company – the elevator pitch…

Crypto world is in the infancy of its development and today it is not brought up to full strength. Vestarin decided to fill the existing gaps, and create what is missing.

First of all, this is a marketplace of goods and services for crypto currency. Large companies, such as KFC, Polish AirLines, Steam and others, began to accept payments in crypto currency. This means that the world is ready to perceive it as a robust payment unit.

However, there is still no way to do everyday purchases, paying with crypto currency. For example, order a game console or TV, eat at a restaurant, pay maid service in crypto currency. It’s about the daily expenses and the opportunity to spend the crypto currency without bringing it to fiat money.

Vestarin is a platform based on a mobile application that will allow you to make daily purchases, paying with crypto currency.

How are you different?

We are opening a wide range of opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. To date, no one has made such a big commitment, as we had with the team of

When was the company launched?

For several years I have been examining the market of crypto currency, analyzing, making conclusions. And Vestarin is the result of my research. In the middle of 2017, I began to prepare a technical project for developers of the Vestarin platform, which enlarges daily and currently consists of 424 pages.

I started to build a team of young, but ambitious guys who could draw the scale of their hyperactivity. These are the guys who are in the shadows. They do not use LinkedIn or Instagram, being fans of their business. They developed platforms for large Russian companies in C / C ++. I managed to find the guys by a lucky chance at one of the workshops on blockade. I told them the key idea, and the guys with fire in their eyes agreed to work on the project.

So, in September 2017, we assembled the backbone of the developers, and while our experts were busy studying the terms of reference, I assembled the rest of the team. The volumes turned out to be so large that without investments we will not draw 10% of the works. So we decided to go to the ICO.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Our goal is to attract all crypto-enthusiasts in one place.

We invite the creators of Start-Ups to integrate their idea on the platform in order to attract investors to it.

We invite business owners to discover a new market, to integrate their business on the platform and receive from it the leads.

We invite blockchain technology experts for the exchange of expert opinions and co-working.

We invite holders of crypto-currencies to make purchases or pay for everyday services.

We invite newcomers of the crypto industry to study the crypto currency market using the knowledge base and to monitor the news on our platform.

What are your plans for the future?

To become an integral part of the world of crypto-currency & MUST-HAVE application for each crypto-user.

What is crypto-networking? 

Networking is a relatively new concept (term derived from “net” & “work”). However, networking has a wider meaning than the banal “work in the net”. It implies the establishment of business contacts, useful acquaintances and connections.

Networking in a crypto community means close and beneficial user interaction in the blockchain world. Every year more and more specialties appear, so it is important to regularly expand the network of acquaintances, to support topical communication.

Crypto-networking does not imply the extraction of instant profit, but it gives an opportunity to build long-term relationships in the world of blockades. This is a new acquaintance, an opportunity to increase the geography of sales, develop business and build a career. Without quality crypto-networking business can fail.

Every day new specialties and various crypto-currencies appear in the blockchain industry. It is almost impossible to follow all the innovations. Vestarin will unite a huge number of users, providing the opportunity for coworking on various projects. This is a unique space for networking, the development of new useful links, the search for specific profile professionals, business development, income multiplying, attracting hundreds and even thousands of new customers.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

-Think globally and do what you do with 110% efficiency.

How do people get in touch with you?
Mail me at [email protected]

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