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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

The Analytics Store is an Irish consultancy and training firm that dares companies to discover the insights that are hidden in the data they collect about their customers, themselves and even their competitors. Using this insight companies can add quantified costs, benefits and risks to their decision making, leading to better business outcomes. Since opening we have helped companies use analytics to create measurable value across the banking, insurance, telecoms, retail, software, and manufacturing sectors.

How are you different?

Our unique approach is based on the belief that, to maximise the potential of analytics, companies need to develop their own in-house analytics capabilities. We help companies to knit analytics into the fabric of their internal decision-making. This involves working with them to discover how they can best benefit from analytics, and then delivering the right mix of consultancy, training, and mentoring to achieve this. Our latest offering is Analytics Kickstart which is designed to help organisations new to data analytics plan how to start using analytics techniques for maximum effect. This helps organisations gain maximum return from early data analytics efforts, and so build a solid basis from which to spread data-driven decision making to every aspect of an organisation. The Analytics Kickstart has two components: an analytics audit and the development of an analytics roadmap. In an analytics audit our experienced consultants work with an organisation to determine the capacity of the capacity the organisation to utilise analytics covering data, systems, people, and culture. Based on the outputs of the analytics audit the analytics roadmap outlines a path to becoming a true analytical competitor. The analytics roadmap includes a detailed analytics strategy and implementation plan, software and systems requirements specifications, a tailored analytics team blueprint, and a focused analytics training plan.

Why will the company do well?

Data analytics (or whichever of data science, big data, data mining, … your prefer) is in a boom period at the moment. To a large extent this is because it is cheaper and easier than ever before to collect and store rich, detailed data about all aspects of our lives. Think about all of the last email you sent, the last plane ticket you bought, the last walk you took, the last order you placed, or the last taxi you booked. All of these have the potential to create a rich data record, and the richness and breadth of this data record is leading companies from more and more disparate industries into the field of data analytics as they see the potential in data-driven decision making. To realise this potential, however, companies need to extract the insights that are hidden in their data and take advantage of these insights to drive better decision making. The unique mix of consultancy, training, and mentoring provided by The Analytics Store helps companies to do this. Our capacity to do this is demonstrated by the clients we have worked with so far including blue-chip names such Accenture, Trend Micro, Bank of Ireland, Laya Healthcare, and Yahoo!

Where are you based?

Merrion Square in Dublin, we launched in 2009.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

One of our most successful contracts to date came when a senior manager at an Irish branch of a large multi-national technology firm called us to arrange a one-day data analytics workshop for their staff, on a recommendation from one of our pervious clients. Based on the success of this first workshop we have since designed a tailored suite of analytics training courses for the company, delivered this suite of courses across three continents, and provided on-going mentoring to the company’s analytics teams across the world. Details of this engagement, and others like it, are described here.

Machine learning cover (2)

We were also delighted in 2015 when Aoife and Brian from The Analytics Store, together with John Kelleher, published “Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics” (FMLPDA) with MIT Press [reviewed here]. This textbook contains a detailed explanation of how the most popular machine learning algorithms work, and how they are used in organisations to drive better decision making. FMLPDA is now being used on academic machine learning courses across the world, and we have designed our own short industry-focused course based on the book . This was delivered successfully in Dublin for the first time in early 2016 and will be repeated soon.

Tell us about your team?

We have a small team of dedicated analytics experts. Aoife D’Arcy, our CEO, has been working in analytics for the past 20 years and has developed particular expertise in customer insight analytics, fraud analytics, and risk analytics. Aoife’s passionate belief in the importance of developing in-house analytics talent in organisations underpins everything that The Analytics Store does. Brian Mac Namee is a our director of training and designs our training courses. Nina Copeland is head of operations at The Analytics Store and keeps everything running like clockwork.

What are you long term plans for your company?

Our long term plan is to find new ways to help companies develop and use in-house analytics expertise. We are looking at training bootcamps, online courses, online mentoring, and the development of dedicated software as interesting ways to do this.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

Our Sonos speakers in the office are brilliant for sharing music with the team.

What is the future for data analytics in Ireland?

Ireland is perfectly positioned to be a world leader in data analytics over the coming years. The increase in the number of high-tech multinationals locating here, as well as the emergence of a number of excellent third-level analytics courses, has given us a large workforce of experts with the required mix of deep technical skills and excellent communication ability that are needed to succeed in analytics.

How do people get in touch with you?

Reach us on any of:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01 6316007

Twitter: @analyticsstore


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