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Describe the company.

nCino is the worldwide leader in cloud banking. With its Bank Operating System, built on the Salesforce platform, nCino enables financial institutions to reengineer their business processes to deliver the speed and digital experience that customers expect, backed by the quality and transparency that bankers need.

nCino eliminates the need for multiple, disparate software systems by combining customer relationship management (CRM), loan origination, workflow, enterprise content management, business processing and instant reporting all in one secure, cloud-based environment. Sitting alongside the bank’s core, nCino’s Bank Operating System drives increased profitability, productivity gains, regulatory compliance and operating transparency across all business channels and organizational levels. The platform facilitates a seamless and secure interaction between employees and customers that works effortlessly across departments, providing bankers with a single, efficient way to digitally operate their institution.

How are you different?

The nCino Bank Operating System is a comprehensive, end-to-end, cloud-based solution that offers a single platform across all lines of business (commercial, small business, retail), which truly places us in a market category of our own. There are many other companies that offer point solutions or software systems that provide certain aspects of our technology, but none that combine our full spectrum of features and functionality in one comprehensive offering.

We have observed that other companies claiming to do the same actually are integrating together several different point solutions with various architectures and underlying platforms. The solution is not all built on the same platform, and not built from day one as an integrated solution. nCino is all built on Salesforce’s platform, the world’s leading cloud computing platform.

Here are other ways that nCino is winning out over competitors:

  • We provide configurable, packaged software, which is hugely attractive in the financial market. Some competitors we see, mainly in the big bank space, will custom build for each customer, which leads to extremely long implementation timeframes and huge costs. nCino can be implemented in a six-12 month period while most other companies will take a minimum of three times that long.
  • We are cost effective to deploy and maintain. Every customer runs on the same code base. nCino also often replaces multiple point solutions.
  • We are enabling financial institutions to compete with the speed of alternative lenders, but backed by responsible lending practices and the institutions’ own proven credit policies. Basically, they can deliver the perceived advantages of an alternative lending strategy without the risk, and with a lower cost of funding.

Why will the company / product do well?

In today’s financial services landscape, bankers are expected to do more with less, manage regulation, ensure data security, digitally engage with customers to foster stronger relationships, and deliver increased profit to shareholders. And, as customer demands and expectations rapidly evolve and non-traditional third parties enter the scene, there is more competition than ever. Designed by bankers who understand both the challenges and opportunities in the marketplace, nCino delivers the speed and digital experience that today’s consumers want, while also providing the transparency, efficiency and productivity that bankers need to secure a competitive advantage for the future.

Where are you based?

Wilmington, N.C. USA

When was the company launched?

January 2012

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Every customer relationship is important to us, and we continue to celebrate new wins or milestones in each passing year. Our platform has evolved to support multiple business lines, from commercial to small business to retail, which has helped diversify our customer base without changing our core philosophy. It’s why today we partner with more than 130 financial institutions of all asset sizes and in multiple countries, with that list still growing. 2016 was a marquee year for nCino as our Bank Operating System was deployed across thousands of employees at SunTrust Bank, a $205-billion asset institution, and had implementation begin at $125 billion-asset Regions Bank – both in the United States.

What market segment are you trying to attract to your product?

nCino’s client portfolio is made up of diverse financial institutions in North America and Europe. Our customers span all asset classes – from $150 million in assets to over $200 billion – and include community and regional banks, credit unions, challenger banks and large national institutions. Because of the flexible and scalable nature of nCino’s platform, the Bank Operating System is customizable for any organization.

Tell us about your team?

nCino has more than 265 dedicated employees spanning product development & engineering, sales and marketing, IT and operations, professional services and customer success. We’ve repeatedly been recognized for our strong company culture, cultivating a work environment that empowers employees to grow professionally and have fun.

What are your long term plans for your product / company?

nCino marked its formal introduction to markets outside of the U.S. during this year’s FinovateEurope, and we will continue to expand our international footprint to help transform the financial services industry across the globe.

How do people get in touch with you?

Our website is a great source of information, and you can fill out a contact form or reach out to [email protected] to schedule a free demo of our Bank Operating System.

Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for regular company updates and announcements.

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